3 Ways to Encourage Golfers to Maintain the Golf Course

A Perfect Golf Course with Mountains in the Background.

Part of golfing is enjoying the splendor of your surroundings. Ideally, the green will have the best quality and appearance possible every day. There are small ways you can encourage your golfers to help keep your golf course in pristine condition. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Repair Ball Marks

Using a pointed tool, insert it around the edges of the ball mark and give a slight upward motion – without tearing or breaking through the grass. Use a golf club to tamp down the top to even out the mark.

Repair Divots

When a golf club makes a stroke, there is a good possibility it will cut away some of the turf. Divots that result in large chunks of soil can be easily placed back into the hollow space and then stepped on to reestablish contact with the roots to the ground. Divot mix can also be used when the soil is not intact.

Define Clear Cart Rules

Ensure that carts remain on the designated cart path to prevent unnecessary damage. Golfers may also be encouraged to walk more if possible.

Your golfers can still experience a leisurely and fun experience while keeping the above guidelines in mind. For more information about golf course management, contact Troon.