TroonFIT Blog Introduction

TroonFIT Blog Introduction

Posted on June 13, 2019
“Everyone has their own definition of a healthy lifestyle, and mine has come to mean making health a priority but not an obsession.” – Daphne Oz

Hi, I’m Chelsea Peterson, the Regional Sales and Marketing Manager here at Troon, Level 2 Certified CrossFit Trainer, former high school Cross Country and Track & Field Coach, and not to mention a fitness activist.

As many people, I’ve found myself on both ends of the fitness spectrum. I started as a dedicated high school and collegiate athlete in Cross Country and Track & Field who was known by my coaches for competing with my heart; there was no stopping me. After years of competitive athletics, I soon found myself burnt out with the fitness world altogether but eventually dove back into the fitness journey with full force. Whether it was racing in every 5K and half-marathon, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, or competing to be the top athlete in my state for CrossFit, I always had to be on top. This led to overuse of my body and many years of endless injuries. From broken bones to muscle tears and borderline kidney damage, I would put my body through anything to be the best. Learning the hard way I have finally realized what it means to live not only a healthy life but a well-balanced life.

This brings me to TroonFIT; our avenue to what a healthy lifestyle looks like for the everyday go-getters. Our goal is to incorporate a culture of health and fitness where the idea of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more of an unwritten expectation.

Now, I would like to introduce you to my co-blogger, James Spinazola…meet James:

Hi, I’m James Spinazola and I am a sales and marketing intern at Troon, fitness enthusiast, and former college athlete. And I use “athlete” very loosely as I was on the golf team at UMass Dartmouth for 2 years. But, prior to college I also played soccer, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse growing up.

Like most college kids who stopped playing team sports, I quickly realized how much I took my eating habits for granted and decided I would have to make some changes to stay in shape and feel healthy. I’ve ventured into many different sides of fitness throughout the years, but most recently fallen in love with weight training. Throughout the past four years I have tried a lot of different diets and training styles. While, after years of trial and error I have a good idea of what my body needs, I am always open to learning more and trying something new.

This is my first ever blog and I have no intention of pretending I’m the world’s best writer or some fitness guru, but I do believe I have insight that could help others skip some of the mistakes I made, and try things that worked for me. I believe a healthy, active lifestyle that someone can stick to is much more important and sustainable than quick fix fad diets and false promises in industry products. My readers will be able to decide what kinds of changes they could make based off my personal experience and research to help them live a healthier, longer life. I will be trying at least two new activities, diets, lifestyle hacks, or anything that could change my daily way of life to see how it may or may not be a fit for someone else. Because I want to be able to have an accurate opinion on new activities I will be blogging bi-weekly so I can try new activities for at least a month and have enough experience to make a proper judgement on them. I am writing for people who want to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start. I’ll give advice on things that have worked for me, things that haven’t, and simple things anyone can do to start reaching their health and fitness goals. I will also be occasionally diving into harder challenges for myself to try to push myself out of my comfort zone and recap what I learned during those experiences. It’s important to me that any readers feel they can question me, keep me accountable, respond with their experiences, or suggest anything they would like to see my try and give an opinion on.

Throughout our journey, James and I will give you tips on how to enjoy a balanced life in the hectic world we live in. James, our local fitness enthusiast, will provide you with his experiences, tricks, and tactics on how to push through the craziness of life while discovering the niches to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. James’s experience and knowledge combined with my fitness background, which serves as a cornerstone for methodology and movement and the ability to coach others, we are sure we will be able to bring you an insightful mix of information, experiences, and suggestions to incorporate into your own fitness journey.

Check us out each week as we tap into the daily secrets to success in the daily grind.


Looking forward to following along and learning something. Looks like you both have lots to offer. Personally I’m striving for progress not perfection.

Posted by Joe Spin on June 13, 2019 @ 7:59 pm

Great job. I can’t wait for the next one 👌

Posted by Rich Reynolds on June 13, 2019 @ 5:28 pm

Nice post

Posted by Jared Cohen on June 13, 2019 @ 2:41 pm

Posted by Lisa on June 13, 2019 @ 2:40 pm

Nicely Doneđź‘Ť

Posted by Lisa on June 13, 2019 @ 2:39 pm

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