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Industry Insights

Troon Leaders Provide Expertise and Guidance for Clubs on How to Succeed in Today’s Environment

Industry Insights | Troon

Insights from Industry Leaders

Troon’s Business Development Team is contacted by all types of Club Owners who have the desire to learn more about our professional management approach. In particular, Member-Owned Clubs are reaching out more than ever, searching for innovative and sustainable solutions to club management. The status quo of doing things the same way they’ve always been done isn’t working any longer.

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Over the past few years, clubs have a renewed focus on capital replacements and improvements. The traditional method for accumulating capital was through initiation fees for most clubs, but the shift in the amount of initiation fee has changed over the years.

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Over the past seven years, we at Troon have been working hard on discovering a club’s Why and driving the marketing message on why the club exists. The Why is based on Simon Sinek’s best-selling book, “Start with Why,” and has been a popular subject in his Ted Talks and created videos.

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