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The growing demand for racquet sports necessitates Troon's service in this enthusiastic market.

The rapid demand for racquet sports is leading the surge in modern-day sports. Troon, being at the forefront of the charge, offers unparalleled management services for tennis and pickleball clubs across the world. 

Possessing a profound understanding of the emerging industry and commitment to its success, Troon has the unmatched ability to equip clubs seeking to enhance their racquet sports offerings. With the valuable additions of Cliff Drysdale Tennis (CDT) in 2018 and Peter Burwash International (PBI) in 2021, Troon has further added industry expertise and talent which has become pivotal in addressing the desires and aspirations of both club players and operators. 

Rising Trends in Racquet Sports: A Swinging Success

In recent years, pickleball and tennis participation has seen tremendous growth in their entirety. Both racquet sports have boasted steady, year-over-year growth for the past three years and have seen an average increase in participants of roughly 30%. Projections include a continuation of analogous growth for the next three to five years, solidifying racquet sports as a flourishing industry. 

Currently, there are approximately 24 million tennis players and 15 million pickleball players. Yet, the appraised latter figure may be compromised due to the diverse platforms and park-centric nature of pickleball. Regardless, the number of racquet sport enthusiasts nationwide is estimated to be around 40 million. 

Utilizing a conservative growth rate of 15%, instead of its current projection of 20%, the number of individuals engaging in racquet sports is still expected to surpass 60 million by 2026. 

The profiled demographic of tennis and pickleball closely aligns with that of golf, creating a promising path for clubs to diversify their offerings and attract new clientele. An escalated number of golfers embracing pickleball as a complementary activity has magnified the demand for tennis and pickleball facilities. 

With more clubs recognizing the critical value and potential of tennis and pickleball courts, a considerable number of clubs are making strategic investments in racquet sports facilities. 

As of early 2023, The Pickleball Player states there are just under 11,000 places to play pickleball and roughly 44,000 courts as of 2022, serving a platform growth of 15.6% yearly. The costs of constructing courts have been on the rise as the game continues to gain popularity, and with that, the court-building business has experienced a rise in activity. 

With Troon’s dominance in the golf sector and extensive knowledge in the world of racquet sports, our service will be unparalleled in the up-and-coming industry. As the ambitious industry continues to grow, Troon Management will be able to meet all your needs and offer service to set your club up for a swinging success. 

Troon’s Management of Racquet Sports

Troon is widely recognized for its extensive approach to club management, helping properties enable the ability to optimize their capabilities and deliver an extraordinary experience to their members and guests. In conjunction with the acquisitions of CDT and PBI, Troon is also equipped with the expertise to adapt and conquer the rapidly evolving industry and take tennis and pickleball to new heights.  

Cliff Drysdale Tennis and Peter Burwash International’s Impact on Racquet Sports

Cliff Drysdale Tennis and Peter Burwash International currently operate a combined 50+ impressive tennis facilities in the U.S., Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Central America, including resorts that can be found on Tennis Resorts Online’s Top 100 list. By uniting their expertise with Troon’s exceptional service capabilities, the collaboration has elevated prestigious tennis clubs, creating an incredibly unique experience for its members.

CDT and PBI’s multifaceted influence on the game of tennis has reverberated throughout the culture of the racquet sports community. Dedicated to growing the game of tennis and pickleball, CDT and PBI strive to advance, advocate and facilitate innovative programs. Committed to this pursuit, their mission will serve as a catalyst, inspiring a growing number of individuals to embrace both sports. 

Whether you are a highly-skilled player or a novice looking to sharpen your skills, Troon tennis clubs accommodate all play styles with options to focus on personalized instruction, clinics and competitive events. 

CDT and PBI-managed tennis clubs also offer Rewards Memberships to club members that provide online coaching, a library of tennis drills, podcasts and so much more. These tennis clubs are unrivaled when it comes to a place where people of all skill levels can engage in a community as passionate about racquet sports as they are.

The CDT and PBI collaboration has resulted in the development of a plethora of services and programs catered to a diverse racquet sports enthusiasts. The collaboration has created a remarkable resource for building an elevated experience for the entire racquet sport community.  

Why Choose Troon Management?

When it comes to racquet sports management, Troon is second to none. Here’s why: 

1. Extraordinary Guest and Member Experience

Troon’s management approach focuses on creating a memorable experience by delivering excellent service amenities and facilities while highlighting the importance of membership marketing. Driven to achieve success, we’re committed to hiring and training valuable associates and providing profound depths of expertise. Troon recognizes that each club has its own unique offerings, goals and visions. Leveraging our versatile and accommodating approach, Troon utilizes custom strategies to transform each club’s vision into reality.  

2. Cliff Drysdale Tennis and Peter Burwash International Acquisitions

For the fastest growing sport in the United States, pickleball needs experts in the world of racquet sports to guide it to success. It is no secret that CDT and PBI have unique capabilities and advantages in the racquet sports industry. 

Troon’s hospitality experience,  alongside CDT and PBI’s expertise, set an unprecedented standard for racquet sports management services and will certainly continue to elevate the game of pickleball to new heights in the near future.

3. Extensive Support

Troon puts its competition to the side by standing out in the club management industry by providing assistance to specific club needs. From staffing clubs with professional instructors and managers to strategizing financial and marketing plans, Troon integrates a complete blueprint that promises to deliver success. 

Troon’s unmatched capabilities distinguish ourselves from all competition. Our proven ability to enhance and support club operations sets us at the top of the sports management hierarchy. The acquisitions of Cliff Drysdale Tennis and Peter Burwash International have been the perfect complement to Troon’s breadth and depth of resources, adding even more value to our incredible services. With a history of delivering exceptional results and armed with an arsenal of services, Troon is an ideal choice for delivering any racquet sport management needs. 

What’s all that Racquet?: Troon Serves Unmatched Racquet Sports Management

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