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Troon's community association management services focus on elevating the guest experience, from the restaurant to the golf course.

Having excellent community association management is crucial to the success of any property, particularly when it comes to homeowners association (HOA) management services. Troon® provides an unparalleled hospitality-centric approach to ensure your community and Board are completely satisfied.

As the world’s largest golf and golf-related hospitality management company, Troon has a proven approach to operating your day-to-day business smoothly. Troon’s Operating Standards are the result of facility-level analyses of the criteria for excellent guest service, and this proprietary approach serves as the foundation for our HOA management services. 

To further enhance our reach and vast expertise, Troon recently acquired ICON Management in May 2022. ICON’s successful approach and resources have supercharged Troon’s offerings within these areas, especially as it relates to HOA management services. ICON is a premier golf, tennis, amenity and community association management organization with the expertise to deliver unparalleled services in property, club and amenity management.

Introducing ICON Management’s HOA Management Services and Expertise

ICON Management is a valuable addition to Troon’s pillar of homeowners association management services. Over the last 15 years, ICON has grown from three employees and one property to nearly 1,800 team members and 100 properties. In addition to HOA services, ICON also currently manages 18 golf courses, 52 communities and 19 additional amenities and town centers.

Now under the Troon umbrella, ICON significantly expands our HOA management capabilities both regionally and nationally. ICON’s experienced staff members will continue to care for communities of all sizes with additional Troon expertise and resources.

What Does a Homeowners Association Management Company Do?

Troon is the world's largest golf and golf-related hospitality management company, with community and HOA management services.

Troon’s community association management services go above and beyond due to our continued focus on hospitality. Rather than just completing tasks, the Community Manager and supporting staff manage the day-to-day operations with the goal of delighting the residents. In addition, each community realizes operating efficiencies when Troon is engaged to manage the HOA and/or club operations.

To further enhance our association management services, Troon provides unmatched industry resources to give your community a holistic strategy that heightens the entire experience. From food & beverage resources to full golf club management and success with various hospitality amenities, Troon brings several strategies to the table and personalizes the best path forward based on the Board and community’s feedback.

In addition to the high-level planning, Troon’s HOA management services include the following scope of services, all of which fall in line with the Board’s approved budget:

  • Regular collection of assessments
  • Enforcement of the HOA’s rules & regulations
  • Management of outside vendors (e.g., landscaping, security, lake maintenance, etc.)
  • Management and resolution of complaints, maintenance services and emergency services according to the HOA and Board’s guidelines
  • Handling of all HOA accounting and requested recordkeeping
  • Facilitation of HOA communication with residents
  • Community website creation and administration 
  • Provide administrative services as directed by the HOA (e.g., Board meeting minutes, coordinating regular meetings, etc.) according to state laws
  • Process all necessary paperwork regarding the community’s rentals, sales, transfer of units and homes

Why Use Troon’s Community Association Management Services?

Racquet sports are just one of the many amenities Troon's community association management services operates for your residents and guests.

A large benefit of having Troon as your property managers is the efficiency and effectiveness in which your community is run. With experience in several different sectors, Troon pulls successful strategies from each to elevate our HOA management services.

Troon’s operational excellence, similar to ICON Management’s repertoire, allows us to go a step above the rest with a full-service approach. Between golf, aquatics, lifestyle programming, tennis and other racquet sports, Troon can curate an integrated strategy that will leave all of your residents and guests extremely satisfied.

With crucial input from the homeowners association board members, ICON Management’s proven success and Troon’s hospitality-centric approach and expertise, you can trust our community association management services will provide you and your guests with a most delightful experience.

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