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Troon's daily fee golf sales and marketing plans include a wide range of services.

Troon’s proven sales and marketing strategies can be applied to a variety of properties, from private clubs to resort and daily fee facilities. Looking specifically at the latter, Troon’s revenue generation strategies are a worthwhile investment.

Because daily fee golf courses are open to the public, they require a different set of marketing tactics than a private club. While there will certainly be some overlap, Troon’s experts have successfully increased revenue for both club types through proactive and innovative strategies.

Daily Fee Golf Sales and Marketing Process

Troon's sales and marketing tactics are highly effective for daily fee golf courses.

Key components of profitability for our daily fee and resort facilities consist of innovative and sophisticated sales and marketing strategies, combined with proven programs and the global power of the Troon brand, which is promoted as much or as little as each facility desires. Important details regarding successful sales and marketing tactics are included within our proprietary Sales & Marketing Standards Guide, providing managed facilities with the resources needed to develop customized revenue generation plans. 

Troon consistently outperforms the industry in all major metrics – rounds, revenue, average rate and the like. This is a testament to our sales-oriented culture, which is strategically focused on helping our clients capture greater market share and grow their business.  

Similar to all of Troon’s services, the daily fee golf sales and marketing process begins with a thorough initial assessment. Our experts review current strategies, goals and tactics to identify future growth opportunities and appropriately match these with an array of Troon programs, global communication services and an enhanced action plan.

Once the golf course owner and stakeholders agree on the best course of action with Troon, we provide the following annual and/or ongoing golf sales and marketing services:

  • Developed sales and marketing plan
  • Annual advertising schedule
  • Revenue enhancement strategy
  • Sales and marketing scorecard

In addition to the audit and recommendations, the Troon team will also work with property leaders to execute the sales and marketing initiatives. These tasks include:

  • Sales leader recruitment and training
  • General public relations activities and press release distribution
  • Management of customer feedback
  • Social media execution

Daily Fee Golf Sales and Marketing Services

Troon's daily fee golf sales and marketing plans include a wide range of services.

Every daily fee marketing plan will look different, as each club deserves customized strategies that align with their goals. A deeper look at our services includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Proactive sales
  • Revenue management
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Digital media
  • Search engine marketing

Troon implements these golf course marketing tactics to drive direct rounds, create loyalty, provide accurate analysis and increase overall revenue. Between our historical data, success, versatility and variety of reporting, we can offer you a plan that fits your needs and pleases all of your stakeholders.

In fact, provided below are the significant increases in average rates, number of rounds and overall revenue that one of our daily fee clubs in the northeast realized just 45 days into our detailed action plan.

Troon's daily fee sales and marketing tactics proven successful in this case study.

Why Troon is the Best Choice for Marketing Your Golf Course

Marketing a golf course - especially a daily fee golf course - has never been easier thanks to Troon's expertise.

Troon is comprised of more than sales and marketing experts. Our team is full of impressive programs and partners that elevate the quality of our work every day. By choosing Troon, you’re choosing to leverage an incredible network; some of our favorite benefits include:

  • Access to the Troon Golf Sales & Marketing Quality Standards Guide (200+ pages) and other resources
  • Golf course inclusion on the Troon app
  • Facility marketing on
  • Usage rights of Troon marks and branding
  • Inclusion in data capture initiatives
  • Preferred pricing from our key partners in the industry
  • Inclusion and distribution in our global directories

Troon Golf Programs

Our programs generate results for both you and your guests. For example, our industry-leading  loyalty program, Troon Rewards, can drive new golfers to your golf course, while the Troon Values Your Time program improves pace of play to increase your number of rounds and, therefore, your revenue.

With so many other Troon programs to incorporate into your daily fee golf sales and marketing plan, you will feel immensely supported on the path to achieving your goals.

Troon Golf Partners

Because Troon is the largest golf management company in the world, we have valuable partnerships that we can leverage to help market your golf course

Our preferred pricing opt-in options include partnerships with the following well-known companies, among others:

  • EZLinks
  • Golf Channel/GolfNow
  • Golf Genius
  • Flagship Publishing
  • Golfweek, LINKS and GOLF Magazine
  • Zenreach

With these partners’ capabilities and strong positioning in the golf industry, your daily fee, semi-private and resort golf course can find tools, data and exposure like never before. If you need to grow your revenue goals this year – or if you don’t know where to start – Troon’s expertise can get you there. Between our thoughtful strategies and detailed execution, we’re confident our track record of delivering successful daily fee golf sales and marketing plans will be invaluable for your operations.

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