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Troon golf instruction services are available to adults, juniors and beginners at each Troon golf club.

Golf lessons are supposed to be fun, and that’s Troon’s foundation for our golf instruction services. With programs aimed at all ages and skill levels, it’s no surprise we have found success with our golf player development programs, especially in the junior golf category.

There are three tenets that Troon programs and golf instructors apply to every golf lesson:

  1. Each lesson and clinic is fun and engaging 
  2. Golf is made more accessible through affordability
  3. Each golf instructor is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential on the golf course 

While we have had a great time developing and implementing our Troon Family Golf and Troon Junior Golf programs, we also have golf instruction for adults and corporations while simultaneously leading various Community Outreach Programs.

As we dive into the details of each level of golf instruction at a Troon golf course, we’d like to remind all golfers that access to a Troon club is all you need to take your game to the next level, sometimes for free.

Troon’s Adult Golf Programs Serve Every Skill Level

Hit your golf club management goals with Troon.

Whether you’re picking up a golf club for the first time or getting ready to defend your club championship, Troon has a golf instruction program and instructor for you. Depending on your preferences, you can join long-running clinics throughout the year or book individual golf lessons at times convenient for you.

Our goal is to ensure everyone feels comfortable, enjoys learning and makes steady improvements in their golf game. With that said, we have golf player development programs geared specifically toward men, women and beginners.  

Our Golf Fore Men and Golf Fore Women programs not only give you the tools you need to succeed on the golf course, but they also provide you with a community to learn and play with. The Get Into Golf program is the ultimate initiative that takes you from beginner to player in a fun way, allowing you to join your friends on the golf course with confidence in no time.

Troon’s Junior Golf Programs a Major Bonus for Clubs

Introduce your kids to golf with Troon's junior golf programs.

Troon curates the perfect environment for junior golfers to learn the game through our programs and golf instructors. With first-class facilities across the world, we have access to practice areas and hitting bays that give our golf instructors all they need to make the game fun and educational for our youth. 

With individual lessons, golf camps, clinics and more at our clubs, we’ve joined the ranks of other successful programs run by the likes of US Kids Golf and the PGA Jr. League. In fact, Troon has hosted 100,000 juniors annually on our courses (25% of these rounds were played for free thanks to our Troon Junior Club program). Troon also manages 30 golf courses serving as First Tee headquarters and more than 50 golf courses that have hosted PGA Jr. League events.

While junior golfers are focused on the fun, parents enjoy the benefit of our junior golf programs being affordable. The Troon Family Golf program encourages parents to bring their kids onto the golf course in the following ways:

  • One junior (aged 15 and under) per adult player plays for free after 3pm
  • Juniors can play all day with complimentary Callaway golf clubs
  • When a paying adult takes a golf lesson, a junior can join for free during the same time

Once your child is hooked on golf, they can join the Troon Junior Club, where they receive special rates for green fees, lessons, camps and popular gear.

Troon Leads in Community Outreach Golf Programs

Troon provides one of the leading Community Outreach golf programs in the United States.

In an effort to make the game accessible to everyone, Troon provides opportunities to juniors, women, underprivileged and special needs players at a number of facilities throughout the United States. Including all members of our community is an important step in growing the game in a way that brings a smile to everyone’s faces while they develop confidence in a new skill set.

Troon Grows Team Building Through Corporate Golf Programs

Bring your company to a Troon Corporate Golf Program for team building and networking.

Golf has a special way of relating to life quite often, so it’s no surprise that corporations like to promote team building and engagement while on the golf course. Troon’s Corporate Programs aim to not only bring your teams together but also expand your networks.

The best part is not everyone on the team needs to have the same skill level; each of our golf programs are customized to ensure everyone feels included and gets something out of the day.

No matter your age or skill level, Troon’s golf instruction meets you where you are and takes you on a fun ride to maximize your potential. We love providing you with the opportunity to learn at our facilities, and we enjoy watching the game grow as more golfers join us at Troon-managed clubs to enjoy our golf instruction programs.

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