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Grow your golf club membership marketing with Troon's expertise.

When serving private club clients, our golf club management team encourages a collaborative environment focused on a balanced scorecard approach, consisting of our four pillars of success: Member Satisfaction, Associate Satisfaction, Owner Satisfaction and Financial Performance. 

Innovative membership marketing solutions are created through working with the owner, board, committees and/or staff at each location to translate the club’s strategic objectives into quantifiable performance measures. No longer is your club a standalone club in its marketplace; instead, the club stands out on its own merits within a distinct collection of Troon partnered clubs around the globe, immediately becoming a valuable part of a stronger whole.

While many private clubs have experienced significant membership growth during the past couple of years, including sold-out membership categories and expansive waiting lists, it’s now more important than ever for clubs to remain relevant. Troon partners with our clients to create extraordinary experiences and a sustainable culture to continue the positive momentum for years to come. 


How Does Troon Support Growing Club Membership Sales?

Troon’s proven golf club marketing strategies are centered around our core philosophy: Attract, Engage and Connect. Understanding your club allows our team of experts to build a plan that will elevate your members’ experience while also allowing you to grow.


The first phase of Troon’s marketing plan is about getting to know your audience and what makes your club different. Supported by data, Troon’s membership marketing experts will target prospective and current members with the end goal of joining the club and/or upgrading their membership.

Below you will see a general overview of our golf course marketing services. Troon works directly with ownership, boards, committees and your experienced staff to ensure the proper channels are implemented in an integrated marketing plan tailored to your specific membership.

Troon’s Membership Marketing Services:

  • Membership Master Plan
  • Strategic Planning & Direction
  • Sales Process & Reporting
  • Defining Membership Offerings
  • Membership Connection Process
  • Public Relations & Social Media
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Utilizing Troon Brand, As Desired


Once Troon has thoroughly analyzed your club membership, we outline the most relevant marketing services, provide our best practices for each and list the recommended tools for the prospect and management process. This also includes CRMs and reporting for both membership and stakeholders.

Troon’s membership marketing campaigns are unique to each golf club and compel prospects through an engaging sales journey. Success has been found in member-for-a-day events, ambassador programs and more.


Now that prospects have transformed into new members, Troon’s next step is to bridge the gap with a defined welcome process that makes members feel like they truly belong. We want our new members to feel integrated with their community and all the club has to offer quickly and thoroughly.

Maintaining this connection and a member-first approach leads to retention and even upgrades. Noting what makes your members happy can take the form of dynamic programming and events, surveys and other comprehensive communications strategies. Troon then adds this data to the marketing plan for future campaigns.

After enacting our golf club marketing plan, measuring our success and reporting results to key stakeholders, you may wonder what’s next. Troon will continue to aggregate data, adapt and engage with your membership. Additionally, Troon trains personnel onsite to ensure the marketing strategy is fully integrated into the club’s overall business plan.

The marketing plan may be a product and our training a service, but Troon goes beyond these as a true partner genuinely invested in the success of your golf club.


Troon Measures Membership Marketing Success With Four Pillars

Troon's membership marketing success for private golf clubs is based on four pillars.

Troon’s measure of success leads to accountability and a sustainable, long-term strategy. Our membership marketing strategies ensure that goals are attained and that your club’s brand continues to shine.

Key Focus Areas

  • Member Satisfaction
  • Associate Satisfaction
  • Owner Satisfaction
  • Financial Performance

Troon constantly and consistently monitors various key metrics to ensure everyone is on the same page and the marketing plan delivers.


Leveling Up with Troon Privé Privileges

Gain access to exclusive golf courses through Troon Prive privileges.

Members of Troon Privé Clubs receive exclusive access to extraordinary golf and lifestyle benefits throughout the world. Full Members of participating clubs enjoy access to private courses and amenities, opportunities to experience resort and daily fee locations at preferred rates, as well as Cliff Drysdale Tennis.

Troon Privé Benefits for Full Members

  • The opportunity to play 140+ private golf courses at a preferred rate (typically $55 during the off-season, $80 during the peak season)
  • Guests can join members at these golf courses for the host club’s accompanied rates
  • Members have access to 190+ of Troon’s daily-fee and resort courses at a lower rate and with preferred tee time accessibility
  • Members can also enjoy additional amenities, such as preferred access to Restaurants, Car Rentals, Golf Club Shipping, Golf Club Rentals, Marina Access and more


Troon Does More Than Market a Golf Course

Take your private club's membership marketing to the next level with Troon's expertise.

When you hire Troon, you’re partnering with the world’s largest golf club management company. Our services extend beyond standard membership club marketing and can include club operations, agronomy, golf course design and development, community association management and much more.

Ultimately, our goal is to create extraordinary guest and member experiences through personalized service, consistency and uncompromising attention to detail. We want to exceed your expectations every time.

Our Mission

Deliver memorable experiences that cultivate lasting connections. 

Our Vision

Create unparalleled experiences fueled by a passion for enabling fun. 

Core Values

  • Consciously Kind
  • Attentively Inclusive
  • Infectiously Energetic
  • Genuinely Meticulous 
  • Humbly Prosperous
  • Relentlessly Dedicated
  • Passionately Unified
  • #WeAreTroon

Begin attracting, engaging and connecting with your future members today. By including key stakeholders and taking a personalized approach to your private club’s membership marketing strategy, you will both feel and see the success in the members’ delight and the data.

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