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Troon's golf course maintenance services keeps Troon North Golf Club's turf healthy.

Troon®’s commitment to excellence in golf course agronomy has been a key pillar of the company’s success for 30+ years. There are many key steps and initiatives to maintaining a golf course sustainably and effectively, and Troon has unmatched industry resources to accomplish these goals. 

In fact, Troon’s first look at a club’s agronomy program goes above and beyond golf course maintenance – the clubhouse and ancillary structure development also play a crucial role. Our team focuses on club management as a whole in order to ensure our agronomy services help your club thrive.

While golf course development and redesign are certainly in our wheelhouse, Troon’s goal for golf course agronomy is to produce a celebrated golf course with a beautiful aesthetic, healthy turf and sustainable components. We double down on our sustainability cause with Troon’s Environmental Management Initiative, which is a repeatable set of guidelines for community outreach, education and conservation.

Troon provides this value, while being fiscally responsible and conforming to our clients’ budgets and frameworks.

With Troon’s full services around development and agronomy, as well as Casa Verde and True Club Solutions (TCS), we have a trifecta of offerings to ensure your club’s success.

Meet Casa Verde Golf, Troon’s In-House Golf Course Construction Division

Casa Verde Golf has significant experience and expertise, with a proven track record in ensuring that all projects are performed to the highest standards, on time and within budget. Equally important is the pride we take in our ability to adapt to any fluctuations that may surface within those circumstances so that the quality of the end-product is preserved, buying power of the dollars spent is maximized and critical dates are met. 

Our small company culture combined with our large-scale resources allows us to deliver the following:

  • Competitive pricing structure prior to and during construction
  • Adaptive to the needs of our client during construction
  • Enhanced buying power via national accounts and associated discounting
  • Affordable for facilities from municipalities to top-tier clubs
  • Provide a wealth of experience, capabilities and high-quality workmanship
  • Complete projects of any size, no matter how ambitious

In addition to providing the highest quality of service, Casa Verde Golf also delivers financial benefits. Our partnerships with top vendors, our best practices and our industry’s best consultants allow us to provide the lowest prices and stay up to date with the most cost-effective practices. As a result, partnering with Casa Verde Golf can actually lower your golf course maintenance costs.

One of our key selling points is the superintendent’s involvement from the start. Casa Verde Golf encourages superintendents to join in the planning and grow with the team. As Brett Chaney, Regional Manager/Superintendent for the City of Phoenix Golf Properties, stated, “I love the support that I get from the entire team at Casa Verde Golf. I am a far better superintendent today because of their guidance and influence. That value will continue to thrive past the contracted dates.”

When you partner with Troon, you’ll find reduced costs, mitigated risk, evolved best practices and increased communication when it comes to golf course management and maintenance. 

True Club Solutions (TCS) Covers Golf Course Agronomy

Troon's golf course agronomy services keeps Kapalua in top form.

As a division of Troon, True Club Solutions (TCS) is the only club advisory services firm that draws upon decades of experience, currently serving 750+ locations around the globe. 

As an alternative to Troon’s professional management solutions, TCS engagements benefit our clients by tapping into the depth and breadth of expertise of our thousands of corporate and field associates to focus on club-specific, short-term challenges and opportunities. The various services TCS offers as a part of Troon’s golf management services are listed within the TCS guidelines.

When looking at golf course maintenance services in particular, Troon provides the following deliverables:

  • Golf Course Site Audit
  • Agronomic Plan Assessment and Creation
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Property Assessment Report and Recommendations

If your club would like to take golf course maintenance one step further into redevelopment, Troon’s services also include golf course construction and general agronomic planning. We will work with all parties involved to ensure your club has the golf course you envision.

Partnering with Troon to fulfill your agronomic needs combines industry best practices in addition to 30+ years of unmatched experience. Between the proven expertise, lower costs and environmentally friendly standards, you can’t beat our hands-on approach. We look forward to working with your team to uncover your club’s potential.

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