An Insight into a Career around the World with Troon with Michael Neider

Michael at his new home, Princeville Makai Golf Club, Hawaii

Michael Neider crossed the globe earlier last year, leaving Dubai (where he worked across Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai Hills Golf Club and the Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai) for Hawaii to become Golf General Manager. Michael, a member of the PGA of America, is coming up to 13 years with Troon and spent time in Sri Lanka, where he was a short-term task force appointment at Victoria Golf & Country Resort. We’ve asked him a few questions to share his story across the world of Troon.

Michael, how did you begin your career in the golf industry?

I began my career in the golf industry as a caddie at 14 years old at my local country club. After working as a caddie in High School, I knew I wanted to start a career in the golf industry. For this reason I chose to attend Arizona State University and studied Professional Golf Management and earn my Class “A” PGA Professional.

Are you able to tell us a little more as to why you joined Troon?

I wanted to join Troon when I was in university because I really loved the focus of “Member for a Day.” To be able to deliver the member experience to guests from all over the world was truly appealing. It was apparent that Troon was leading the way in golf management, and provide so many unique opportunities around the world.

How long have you been with Troon?

I have been with Troon for over 12 years working at 7 different properties during that time.

Michael Neider at Aluth Avurudu celebrations at Victoria Golf Resort in Sri Lanka

Michael Neider on the golf course in Dubai

You have moved into the role of General Manager. That entails a lot of responsibility, correct?

Yes, this is my first opportunity as General Manager, and so far I have learned a great deal of many new operational aspects such as Food & Beverage and Racquet sports. I have really loved the new learning opportunities and taking my golf-focused skillset and applying to more aspects of the operation.

How does Troon continue to remain relevant?

Troon continues to lead the way in so many areas. Our loyalty program (Troon Rewards) is the largest reward program of its kind in golf and keeps getting better with more and more facilities around the world. Additionally, through new golf businesses we are growing the game particularly with off course entertainment. More and more guests are looking for new ways to experience the golf club through non traditional methods. For example, at Princeville Makai Golf Club we have created the Mauka Disc Golf Course that appeals to a new audience and drives new guests to our facility.

Are you able to in a few sentences to distill the Troon ethos?

Troon has really developed a culture of caring and kindness. This resonates throughout the facilities and is showcased through our associates to our guests. We truly care for our guests, because we are passionate about the game of golf and creating lifelong memories at our facilities.

What environmentally sustainability practices does Troon prioritize?

Whether its golf course development or operations sustainability is on the forefront of what we do. We look at new ways of developing courses that will consume fewer fertilizers, chemicals and less water. Operationally we look at ways we can be better stewards of the land by reducing single use plastic, and using renewable packaging. At Princeville Makai Golf Club, we take it a step further, by educating our guests about the local ecosystem through our sunset tours and how vital we as a golf club we are to protecting endangered local species of plants and wildlife.