An Open, An Admiral & The St Andrews Weather

An Open, An Admiral & The St Andrews Weather

Posted on September 21, 2015

Golf by Hell and High Water

I was much encouraged this major time around to hear Zach Johnson appear to take most of the credit upon himself for his inspired Open Championship victory at St Andrews rather than, as he did at the Masters, going to some length to attribute deistic forced to his win.

I felt his Augusta post-victory soliloquy left him rather dangerously exposed to an outside assistant indictment with perhaps consequent penalties! However, in his post-St Andrews Open euphoria, he trod a more considered path with only a modest reference to "divine inspiration" which was fair enough, although the rest of the field might have been forgiven for wondering why Zach had been so singled out for such heavenly benefit at their obvious expense.

But leaving aside such empyrean musing there was a great deal going on that was certainly well outside the control of mortal man during the 114th Open Championship., Mother Nature and the forces of climactic...

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