Back To School Drive At Hunting Creek

Member of Hunting Creek sits in front of some school supplies that were donated for the Back to School drive.July’s family golf month at Troon is not just about golf, but about helping families in need.  Hunting Creek CC located in Prospect, KY created an annual school supplies event called “Help Kids Thrive, Back to School Drive”, to support families in the neighboring communities that may be struggling to attain the necessary school supplies for their children.

GM Zeke Larson, is no stranger to the importance of education. His mother taught in the school system for over 30 years and instilled the values of giving back whenever possible and creating opportunities for families in need.

Larson comments, “The first year our goal was 25 filled backpacks; last year we did 54, and this year our goal is to fill 75 backpacks for kids in need.”  He continued, “We are blessed to live in a community here at Hunting Creek where our members and their families are able to support those families who may be struggling during hard times.  It’s important for our kids to understand that there are some families close by to them who worry about sending their kids to school because they don’t have the necessary supplies for the year.”

Larson and his team researched the La Grange Elementary School’s supply list and created a SignUpGenius link to then note how many pencils, scissors, notebooks, etc. that they need for the 75 kids.  Member families and associates donate the items or cash to buy the items to then fill the bags.  Before school starts, the team at Hunting Creek organizes tables by grade levels in their banquet space and the members and associate’s kids come down and organize the bags.

“The best part is when the kids write a note of encouragement to each of the recipients who will receive the backpack in hopes of inspiring them to have a great year of school,” said Larson.  After last year’s event Larson was on a call with La Grange’s Principal, Heather Thomas, when she told him she had just had a mother call and say she was hesitant to send her child to school because they did not have any of the supplies and could the school spare a few pencils and a notebook.  Ms. Larson said how amazing it was to be able to offer that child a backpack full of all the supplies that he or she needed!

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