Bettering The Game We Love

Welcome to the second issue of Troon Golf & Travel for 2016! While it’s true that Troon’s portfolio includes many excellent golf courses around the world – a handful of which you will read about in the pages of this magazine – what makes me particularly proud is the commitment of every Troon® employee to bettering the game we all love.

You will experience this at every one of our facilities from the moment you arrive. But beyond the immediate golf experience, Troon is also committed to growing the game and helping to ensure its future is bright. This is manifested in programs such as “Women’s Golf Month,” our “Family Golf” programs, and “Get Into Golf,” a new initiative that introduces the game to those who have never picked up a club, or have a limited golf knowledge, and educates them on key fundamentals in an easily accessible and affordable way.

Troon courses also participated for the fifth straight year in The PGA of America’s “Get Golf Ready” program this past May. Troon daily fee facilities, private clubs, and Troon Golf® Academies around the world conducted more than 500 introductory golf clinics and activities during the month, all aimed at making the game more accessible and welcoming to everyone.

I hope you and your family are able to take advantage of some of the many exciting programs we support at Troon, and they enhance your enjoyment of the game.


Dana Garmany, Chairman & CEO, Troon