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The Turn Podcast

A Golf Business Podcast

The Turn Podcast: A Golf Business Podcast Powered by Troon

As the world’s largest hospitality management company, Troon is proud to deliver The Turn podcast, which takes a broad look at the business and experience of the hospitality industry. Hosted by Julia Kelly and Kris Strauss, featured guests include Ed Doyle of RealFood Hospitality, Strategy, and Design for special edition F&B episodes, along with industry experts and Troon Partners.

Latest Posts

The Turn Podcast #61

Troon Family Golf Month 2022

In this episode, Julia and Kris chat with the ultimate golfing family, the Maurers. Both Lindsay and Neil are Troon General Managers, and 9-year old ...

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The Turn Podcast #60

Logos - To Change or Not to Change?

Listen in as Julia and Kris take a deep dive on logo changes relative to brand strategy, standards guides, best practices, and more. Our guests for ...

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The Turn Podcast #59

Troon Women's Golf Month

Looking for ways to get more women into golf? Have a listen to this episode, featuring Marissa Kulig Crow, 2021 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, for...

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The Turn Podcast

Episode 58

In this episode, Julia and co-host Monica Fedri chat with Corporate Director of F&B Joe Martin and St. James’ Director F&B, Lindsey ...

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The Turn Podcast #57

It’s Player Development Month 2022!

In this episode, Julia and Kris chat with Tim Mahoney and Steve Loesher on how Troon’s coaching team is helping to grow the game around the ...

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The Turn Podcast #56

Trends In Golf Course Renovations

In this episode, Julia and Kris chat with Jeff Poling and Jeff Schwinkendorf, two of Troon’s golf course renovation and construction pros, on ...

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The Turn Podcast #55

Making Golf Better with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Special guest Kendall Murphy, Troon’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, joins Kris Strauss and Julia Kelly to discuss best practices...

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The Turn Podcast #54

What Is Most Important In F&B Marketing

What’s the single most important component in food and beverage marketing? Jared Cohen and Julia Kelly chat with Joelle Creamer with RealFood ...

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The Turn Podcast #53

Digital Strategy with our Friendly Neighborhood Google Expert

The internet never sleeps. Which is why it is important for your website and your business to always be prepared. Jared Cohen and Kris Strauss are ...

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The Turn Podcast #52

A New Era of Coaching and Instruction

On this edition of The Turn Podcast, Troon and ThrivSports teamed up to bring elite coaching to more golfers around the world in a new and innovative ...

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The Turn Podcast #51

PHAT Scooters CEO Tim Moran

The single rider revolution is on for the game of golf! Over the years, golfing with a push cart or a golf cart is not the only options to choose from...

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The Turn Podcast #50

A world-ranked amateur tournament series

From one to now 11 world-ranked amateur golf tournaments since 2014, the Troon Saguaro Amateur Series now features some of the more popular and sought...

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