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Claudia Talamantes

GMC Administrative Assistant, Boca Grove Golf & Tennis Club, Boca Raton, FL

Q:  What excited you about the office work within the agronomy department and were you familiar with the industry (what brought you into the business)?

A: When my family and I relocated from Chicago to Florida, I did some research and found that golf was one of top industries in Florida.  At the time, all I knew about agronomy was that fertilizer helps things grow and I thought chemicals kill everything.  The game of golf was also completely foreign to me when I began, but over the years I have developed an appreciation for the game.  More importantly, I have the deepest respect for our agronomy team, who make it possible for members to enjoy pristine conditions.  I could say life and destiny brought me to the agronomy department, and that with time and a desire to learn new things, I have fallen in love with what I do.

Q: As a female working in a predominantly male work environment in the Agronomy Dept., what do you do in your day-to-day job that helps carry the message about this being a great place for other females to work at other Troon facilities?

A:  I am what most would consider a “girly girl” – I wear dresses and heels almost daily.  Under my desk is a pair of boots that I can put on, even if I’m wearing a dress, and get on a tractor if I need to.  My teammates know that I am here to help them and that I am eager to learn more every single day.  There is nothing in the agronomy department that is not of interest to me.  You never know where life can take you, so its always good to learn new tasks and if you have people willing to teach you then why not do it?

Q: What do you think the golf industry should be doing differently to attract females into the golf world, and as a career (knowing there are so many more jobs than a ‘golf professional’ with the industry?

A: I think women enjoy the competitive challenge of golf, but I think they also enjoy the social aspect and the industry should look at ways to highlight that. At my Club, I often notice the energy is different during ladies’ tournaments than the men’s tournaments.

Q: What is one female mentor you look up to and what words of wisdom or actions did she do to help you become better in your career?

A: My Mother.  She has always said to me, “Do your best and do it with a smile. Don’t be scared to ask for help if you need it and, if in the process you make a mistake, always accept it. Be grateful to the ones that help you achieve your goals.”  I try to live my life with those words in mind every day.

Q: If you could spend the day with three other women learning from them and their experiences, who would they be (can dead or alive)

A: Jennifer Jolly – our general manager.  She came from a completely different industry and worked her way up in the club business.  At Boca Grove she has led the marketing department, then food and beverage department, and now she is our general manager.  It is not easy to run a big club like Boca Grove but she is doing it, making it look easy and she always has a smile.

Michelle Obama – a regular girl from the south side of Chicago and even though she didn’t have a wealthy life growing up she never gave up.  She became a lawyer and years later the 1st lady of the United States. She always presents herself with class and dignity.

Frida Kahlo – Injured in a bus accident at the age of 18, which caused her lifelong pain and medical problems she never lost childhood interest in art and love.  I believe in love, spreading love and just approaching everyday with love.  I am so lucky to have a life and a job that I love.

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