The Loop: Comfortable Walks

The Loop: Comfortable Walks

Posted on March 22, 2016

When it comes to battling varying weather elements out on the course, your feet are often the last priority. That's why a new pair of shoes from TRUE Linkswear could come in handy. Available in five different color patterns, Elements ($119.99) are constructed of a double layer of breathable mesh and a 360 degree liner of Outlast that maintains a constant comfortable temperature while a waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry. The shoes also features the Flex-Line Stability system with lines running from the eyelets down and under the footbed to provide an incredibly stable mesh shoe. "Elements are the first golf shoe created to keep you comfortable in any elements you may find yourself in, on or off the links," says Jason Moore, vice president, TRUE Linkswear. "If you're simply transitioning from the morning dew to the afternoon heat, or you're the type of player who plays in every season in any weather, the breathable and waterproof Elements Hybrid will ensure you will enjoy the walk."

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