Dan Mukwana – Outside Service Attendant, The Track Meydan Golf, UAE

Dan Mukwara

Q: What would you like to share about your culture with us? 

A: In my culture, we strongly emphasize discipline and respect of people right from childhood regardless of gender, nationality, or age. In my culture we also strongly emphasize unity among the people in the region through participating in development programs such as farming and sport which led me to my interest in golf.

Q: What is one thing you brought to the facility from your culture or country to the facility: 

A: Teamwork as it promotes strong working relationships.

Q: What is one thing you learned from working in another country?

A: My communications skills have developed immensely from working in another country.

Q: Why do you enjoy visiting or working in various countries?

A: It gives me great pleasure to learn about the cultures of countries I visit and what they stand for. I love gaining work experience in different countries.

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