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Black History Month

Brandon Howard

Brandon Howard teaching putting to female student

Brandon Howard

Head Golf Processional - Somerby Golf Club

Q: Is there someone you credit to bringing you into the game of golf and keeping the fire going?

A: My father. He first brought me to the driving range when I was 8 years old. He was also newer to the game so it was a great opportunity to learn something together. However, I credit both my parents for helping me keep the fire going! From my first nine holes, to qualifying for the Wisconsin State Championship in high school, to getting my first Assistant Professional job, they have motivated me the whole way through and supported every move.

Q: How long have you been with Troon?

Altogether 3 years, I have also worked at Troon properties in Leesburg, VA and Tucson, AZ.

Q: Why is Black History Month important to you and how is the golf industry taking strides in making the game more accessible, both at the playing level, as well as for a career in the golf industry?

A: Black History Month is important to me because it reminds us as a society of the sacrifices and achievements that have been made in American history. Although, Black History should never be limited to just one month, February should be used to remind us all how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go. I believe the golf industry is doing a good job at attempting to make the game more accessible to all. With the amount of established junior programs across the country, such as the First Tee, soon we will start to see a change in who we see playing at the higher collegiate and professional levels.

I believe we as an industry need to push more, to show the significance in having a career in golf. But for now, the opportunities that are in place will slowly gain more and more traction. We’ve come a few miles since 1961 and the PGA of America’s Caucasian-only clause, but we still have many more miles to go.

Q: If you could pick any three people (dead or alive) to golf with, who would they be?

A; My father, Tiger Woods and Dewey Brown (if you’re a golf professional that doesn’t know his story, take a few minutes to do some research and learn his significance).

Q: What is one thing that most people don’t know about you (that you don’t mind sharing)?

A: My eclectic taste in music, specifically when I’m practicing: Thundercat, James Blake, Masego, Xavier Omär and FARR are my usual practice session go-tos.

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