Design & Development


Troon Philosophy: Our ability to assist owners in building championship, award-winning golf courses represents one of our best opportunities to solidify owner relationships and pave the way toward profitability.

Troon Design & Development

Throughout every phase of design, development and construction, Troon has the capability and expertise to assist owners by working directly with golf course designers and clubhouse architects, and all other professionals involved in the development process. In the area of construction, where each delay typically results in lost time and added costs, Troon's team of architectural and design experts scrutinizes every detail of every phase of development, enabling them to recognize opportunities for keeping costs to a minimum and staying within approved budgets. From the initial design stage through the final sign-off on each component, Troon's involvement includes extensive budget planning and analysis, implementation of cost controls, and frequent reviews of site, clubhouse, maintenance and other building plans. The end result is a golf facility that, from beginning to end, was designed and constructed bearing in mind the owner's ultimate objective.

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