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Email Signature

How to create an Email Signature in Outlook

 Creating an Email Signature will save time and standardize the signature line for all Troon Associates. To create within Outlook, follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook on your system.
  • On the upper left corner, go to File then Options (Figure 1). Click on Mail and go to Signatures, on the right (Figure 2).


Figure 1

Figure 2

  • In the new window, click on New. Label the signature, and Copy/Paste your preferred email signature (Options provided in word document) and update with your information.
  • Choose Default Signature options (New messages & Replies/forwards)

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NOTE– Troon Privé Version- Replace “Troon” (line two) with Troon Privé



Line 1- Calibri 11pt, Bold ǀ Teal (RGB: R 0 ǀ G 62 ǀ B 77)

Line 2- Tahoma 9pt, Regular ǀ Gray (RGB: R 113 ǀ G 116 ǀ B 124)