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True Club Solutions

Golf Course Maintenance

It’s difficult for owners to speak agronomy when they don’t know the language.

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Powered by the agronomic excellence of Troon, TCS has proven that quality turf conditions can be obtained in an efficient manner. Our team is fluent in the language of agronomy and will provide the objective information necessary for Boards and Owners to make informed decisions concerning course conditions, capital improvements and the large scale expenses that affect their golf courses.

  • Phase 1 – Initial Due Diligence, Work Product and Delivery
  • Phase 2 – Optional Extended Services to Offer Guidance on Phase 1 Work (6-month minimum)
  • Access to National Procurement Program (1 Year Minimum)

All TCS pricing based on customized project scope.

Services Include:

Golf Course Site Audit​

  • This includes a walk of the property to determine the condition of turf, bunkers and common areas in relation to property’s current budget.

Agronomic Plan Assessment and Creation​

  • A review with property representatives of the course’s current agronomic practices, including, but not limited to, fertilizer & chemical applications, irrigation, drainage, staffing levels and associate workflow.

Equipment Evaluation

  • Analyzes current equipment maintenance procedures and expected equipment longevity.

Financial Benchmarking

  • Benchmarks property’s agronomic expenses versus like facilities and identifies possible areas of improvement.

Property Assessment Report and Recommendations

National Procurement (if applicable)

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