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Because boring doesn’t sell…

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Does the retail operation at your club feel like a vibrant representation of the facility or merely a dated afterthought? Most clubs no longer make retail a priority because many times they are ill-equipped to make it anything more than a necessity of the overall operation. TCS assists our clients in reinvigorating the retail experience into one that is a viable profit center and a dynamic, on-trend representation of the entire facility. Through innovative merchandising, dynamic buying plans and methods for reliable inventory management, our clients consistently outshine their competitors in retail performance.

  • Phase 1 – Initial Due Diligence, Work Product and Delivery
  • Phase 2 – Optional Extended Services to Offer Guidance on Phase 1 Work (6-month minimum)
  • Access to National Procurement Program (1 Year Minimum)

All TCS pricing based on customized project scope.

Services Include:

  • Retail Operations Audit
  • Evaluation of Inventory
  • Retail Area Design and Presentation
  • Back Office Design and Organization
  • Retail Promotions and Pricing
  • Property Assessment Report and Recommendations
  • National Procurement (if applicable)

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