Golf and Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil: Will it Benefit Your Game?

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Each year, 25 million Americans leave their humble abode to set foot on the rich greens of their local golf course. In fact, golf remains one of the most played sports in the United States, partially due to its universal playability. You don’t have to be muscle-bound or 7-foot tall to pick up a golf club. It’s a fun, relaxing, and outdoor-oriented sport that can be played by anyone of virtually any age. But, like all other sports, golf is competitive. You want to perfect your swing, maximize your drive, and eliminate those oh-so-terrifying Lucy shots.

“Happiness is a long walk with a putter” — Greg Norman

We recently partnered with Troon —the world’s largest and most prestigious professional golf club management company — to provide our patented line of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil to professional golfers and golf enthusiasts worldwide. At Functional Remedies, we’re avid golf fans, and our product is already widely used by professional golfers. In fact, Scott McCarron —  Jack Nicklaus Trophy Winner, 2019 PGA Tour Champions Player of the Year, and 3x PGA Tour Winner — admits that “roughly 75% of Champions Tour players are taking CBD oil, with about 30% of PGA Tour players using it.”

So, why are so many golfers taking Hemp Oil? And why is Functional Remedies partnering with the world’s foremost club management company? Believe it or not, Hemp Oil may not just help you balance your mood and reduce golf injuries, but it may also help you improve on your game. And that’s something every golfer can get behind.

Golf is Good For Your Health

“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” – Arnold Palmer

Sure! Golf isn’t the most physically demanding sport on the planet, and you don’t need to stick to a diet of raw broccoli and bland chicken to compete on the course (we’ve always preferred steak and mac n’ cheese). But that doesn’t mean that golf isn’t healthy. In fact, golf may be the most health-driven sport on the planet. Research shows that golfers are 40% less likely to die than non-golfers of the same age. That’s huge! But it gets better. Roy Morgan’s data suggests that golfers are also 30% less likely to experience anxiety and 38% less likely to experience depression.

That may sound too-good-to-be-true, but there’s some logic behind those statistics. You burn around 1,500 calories walking 18 holes with a bag. In other words, you’ll burn over half of your daily calorie allowance if you walk the holes during your 18-hole round of golf. To put that into perspective, a full-court game of basketball will burn roughly 800 calories per hour. Even if you want to take the cart for a spin (who doesn’t?), you’ll still burn well over 500 calories during that 18-hole outing.

But, it’s not just the exercise that makes golf incredibly healthy. It’s also the relationships and bonding. 50% of salespeople admit that there is “no better way” to get to know a client than over a round of golf. Talking on the greens is an American pastime. Business relationships are forged, friends are made, and bonds are built behind shiny metallic drivers. Did you know that a whopping 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs regularly play golf? It’s their job to understand people, and learning the ins-and-outs of humans will never be easier than on a golf course, where emotions, secrets, and happiness explode out of every drive. Believe it or not, those golf relationships also feedback into your health. People with strong social ties have a 50% better chance at survival than their peers.

Let’s be honest: most of us don’t play golf to earn sneaky favors from the Grim Reaper (who is obviously an avid golfer). But it helps. And behind every birdie lies an incredible truth: golf may be increasing your lifespan.

Benefits Come With Practice and Patience

The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.” – Gary Player

Want to hear a secret? The more you golf, the more health benefits you receive. So, those long hours on the course perfecting your putt aren’t just selfish, competition-driven time sinks. They’re investments in your health (feel free to add that to your excuse box). But, most of us aren’t playing golf solely for health benefits. We play to win. So, chances are, you want to get better at golf, right? From the pros at the tippy-top of the PGA Tour to the amateur lounging in a Troon Clubhouse, golfers across the globe spend hours upon hours perfecting their skills. In fact, a massive 14 percent of golfers will take lessons from a pro this year.

We want to make one thing abundantly clear, nothing (not even Troon’s luxury-padded clubhouses or our benefits-bound Hemp Oil) will improve your game as much as practice. In fact, pro golfers spend hours upon hours on the course every single day. So, there’s no shortcut to golf greatness. Yes, there are plenty of tips that can help you get better. Getting fitted to your putter, holding your pose, and perfecting your swing are all crucial golf components, but they come with time.

If you want to dominate the course, we recommend two straightforward tips:

  1. Practice plenty
  2. Walk more

That second tip may actually be more important than the first. Walk. Don’t hop into the cart and blast music as you haphazardly speed to the next hole. Pick up your clubs and take a slow-and-steady walk to your ball. Sure! It takes more time, and it’s certainly more physically demanding. But, by walking, you can really take in the experience. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what golf is all about: the experience. The wind slowly rocking the tree branches, the cool air blowing off the water, and the crisp crunch of well-manicured grass help sync you to the game. Groundskeepers spend hours upon hours going over the nitty-gritty details of the golf course. When you ride your cart and blaze through the game, you start to miss all of those details.

Mastering golf requires a connection to the course itself. A black-tie affair in the clubhouse with roasted veggies and a well-charred steak is great, and we certainly consider upscale dining and casual friend hangouts as a de facto component of golf itself. But, once you walk out to the greens, it’s you vs. the course. The more time you spend immersing yourself in that course, the better your game will get. When you walk to the hole, you have time to strategize, cool down after a bad shot, and really appreciate the beauty of the game. And believe us when we say this: this appreciation translates into your putts.

How Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Can Help Your Golf Game

“[Functional Remedie’s] long-standing commitment to delivering exceptional products at the highest standards is part of what makes them such a great fit with the Troon experience.” — Brett Brooks, Troon’s Director of Global Partnerships

We have another tip to help you improve your golf game, and it’s probably going to surprise you: Hemp Oil. A few years back, we partnered with golf legend Scott McCarron to help us spread the wonderful word of Hemp Oil to the golf space. To be fair, this was back when CBD wasn’t filled with so much hype that they started layering it into pillowcases and pomade. When we first invited McCarron into the Functional Remedies family, Hemp Oil was still relatively new in the health-and-fitness space, and virtually no golfers were using CBD to up their game. Of course, there was a good reason for this. The PGA Tour Anti-Doping Organization still listed CBD products in a gray area. But, in 2018 — when the World Anti-Doping Agency officially removed CBD from its banned substances list — things started to change: fast.

McCarron may have started a trend. In an interview with Golf Digest, Scott McCarron said, “Functional Remedies Hemp Oil helps my mind stay focused and my body recover, so I can always play my best.” adding that, “Most people don’t realize the incredible level of mental stress and anxiety that comes with pro golf.” And that stress and anxiety can directly impact your game. According to McCarron, ~30% of PGA players are now using Hemp Oil, and that number will likely grow as Hemp Oil continues to break out of its shell.

But, you don’t have to rely on the words of PGA tour players. Let’s talk science. How is it that Hemp Oil can make a measurable difference in your golf game? After all, pro golfers practice for thousands upon thousands of hours to perfect the smallest movement in a swing. Can a bottle of “oil” really up to your game?

How Hemp Oil Works in Your Body

Where do you think the most receptors are in your body? Maybe your limbs or spine? Or are they in your brain? The answer is a little interesting: they’re in your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Believe it or not, your body already produces cannabinoids. Anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglyerol (2-AG) are crucial endocannabinoids produced by your body to regulate sleep, homeostasis, and pain. Not only does your body produce its own endocannabinoids (called “endogenous” endocannabinoids), but it’s also hardwired to receive them. CB1 and CB2 receptors are the single most common receptors in your body, and they flood your immune cells, organs, and nervous system.

The hemp plant contains over 100 unique phytocannabinoids. And, here’s where things get interesting. Your body is pre-wired to receive these cannabinoids from hemp, and it knows exactly how to use them. While research on the ECS is still young, scientists believe that hemp alone can impact your body in incredible ways due to their relationship with ECS. Let’s take CBD as an example.

CBD activates 5-HT receptors (which influence aggression, anxiety, mood, appetite, learning, sleep, memory, etc.), binds to TRPV1 receptors (temperature regulation), and regulates the intake of AEA and 2-AG receptors. In other words, CBD has been shown to reduce pain, improve mood, and regulate homeostasis. Now, imagine this: CBD is just one of over 100 endocannabinoids present in hemp. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil combines all of them into a single consumable. Not only has science shown that the “entourage effect” (i.e., combining all cannabinoids) increases the potency and effectiveness of CBD, but each of these endocannabinoids plays a distinct role in your biology.

3 Ways Hemp Oil Can Help You Improve Your Golf Game

Hemp Oil isn’t going to make your swing better magically. In fact, that’s why we emphasized practice and patience. We aren’t here to sell you pseudoscience. But Hemp Oil can help you eliminate outside factors that may be impacting your game. There’s a reason that we have over 100 players on the PGA TOUR and PGA TOUR Champions using our products; Hemp Oil provides tangible benefits to golfers. These include:

Sleep & Anxiety Relief: CBD (just one of the cannabinoids in Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil) has been shown, in studies, to reduce anxiety levels and minimize insomnia. In fact, sleep relief is one of the reasons that Scott McCarron joined the hemp revolution. “For the first time in about two years, my sleep levels were green (according to WHOOP sleep device) for seven days straight the first time I took this CBD oil at night to help me sleep.”

  • Back and Joint Relief: Studies suggest that CBD is an “effective tool” to combat back pain, joint pain, and overall body pain. This is huge for golfers. In fact, golf has the highest injury rate of any sport, and up to 90% of pros are injured (e.g., wrist sprain, joints, back sprain, elbows, etc.) every year.
  • Mood Improvement: Meta-reviews of hundreds of studies suggest that Hemp Oil can improve mood and reduce stress. Obviously, this is important for golfers. The less stress you deal with, the more you can focus on what really matters — your swing.

Are You Ready to Join the Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Revolution?

We’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Troon. Not only do we think that Troon’s impeccable history and commitment to the golfing ecosystem pushes us to bring out the best in our own products, but we believe that this partnership will bring meaningful value to golfers across the world. At Functional Remedies, we believe that golf is the perfect sport. We also believe that Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is the greatest natural remedy to many of the issues facing golfers today. Together, golf and Hemp Oil can make magic happen. Do you want to learn more about our products and our commitment to golf? Contact us. We may not be able to meet on the green, but we can help you make the most of your next swing.

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