Golf Course Consulting

A photo of a pond reflecting the sky and clouds next to a golf course.

Choose Troon as your golf course consulting agency. At Troon, we provide proven techniques to help grow your golf course into the most attractive center for enthusiasts. Hospitality is our number one priority when it comes to creating an inviting space for club members. Per each client’s desires, we customize our approach to incorporate the ultimate customer service techniques, immaculately kept golf courses, high-quality foods, and beverages, along with many other aspects of the golf club community.

When you choose Troon as your golf course consultant, some of the expert advice you will receive will include:

  • Golf course maintenance and management
  • Research and analytics
  • Design and renovation
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Budgeting

Our golf club consulting company has the resources and talent to develop the strategies that allow clients to excel in the competitive world of golf and club operations. For over thirty years, Troon has grown from one facility, to consulting with over 500 clients in order to help their business succeed. At Troon, we listen to our clients’ desires, strategize by collaborating with our clients in a team effort, and come up with the best solutions for their specific golf club. To learn more, visit us online or call today.