Golf Tip: Proud Posture for Power

Posted on November 07, 2008
The following is a guest post by Tim Mahoney, Director of Education for Troon Golf.

Oversized club heads and high-tech golf balls have put the game's emphasis on distance rather than direction. But where does power and distance really come from? The golf swing has three power sources: wrist-cock, arm swing, and body turn. Body turn is the biggest component — 75 percent of power comes from turning and un-turning your body, and it all starts with proper posture at address. The body can only turn if your posture is proud - your spine should be neutral, weight on the balls of your feet, arms hanging freely, head up, spine long and straight with your shoulder blades down and back. From this position you can turn your shoulders 90 degrees and your hips 45 degrees; it allows you to maintain your spine angle during your entire swing, and therefore enables an effective body turn. Think proud and your posture will produce power.

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