The Loop: Golfing The Globe

The Loop: Golfing The Globe

Posted on May 10, 2016

John Steinbreder has the enviable job of writing about golf while traveling the world. Now you can hit the road with him thanks to a new collection of stores in From Turnberry to Tasmania ($22.95, Taylor Trade Publishing). From Ireland to Australia, with stops in Nicaragua, Nebraska, Switzerland, and other far flung spots, Steinbreder takes you on a tour of dozens of both famous and no-so-famous courses. Throw in a varied itinerary of off course activities (visiting the Dublin Writer's Museum, eating walleye at Whistling Straits, observing sea lions on Kangaroo Island in Australia) and it's an enjoyable read. The nuts and bolts of travel logistics aren't covered, so you want learn how he did it, but you will finish the book wanting to follow his well-traveled path.

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