Golf’s a Family Game for James Ashman, Golf Operations Manager at Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai

James Ashman, Stuart Macaulay (Cousin) Nigel (Uncle)

For James Ashman, golf has been a family sport ever since he can remember. He started playing around the age of 6 and continued through to university; with inspiration from family members including his Grandma and Mum, his Uncles, and Cousins, it’s no wonder golf is part of his personal and professional life. Read this quick Q & A with him.

How do you create work/life balance between your career in the golf industry and family life?

Golf has given me so many opportunities over the years. I have played golf from the age of 6 or 7, at university, on mini-tours around the Middle East and Asia as a professional and now I have the privilege of working for Troon in the industry. Family time for me is one of the most important things in my life. Although most of my family live in the UK, whilst I am in the UAE, I ensure that I keep in touch via zoom and phone calls on a regular basis. I feel that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is essential to performing your best at work and in life in general.

Does your family play golf with you? If so, how often do you guys play?

Yes – all of us play golf. I’m not playing as much as I’d like to at the moment, however my Mum plays 3 times a week and my extended family in Northern Ireland like to get out at least twice a week. They play at a course called Porstewart where the Irish Open was played a few years ago. My Uncle Stephen Macaulay is actually due to be Club Captain there next year!

James Ashman & Carol Macaulay (Grandma)

James Ashman & Pat Ashman (Mum)

If your family plays golf with you, who is the best player in the family?

This is a tough one and I am sure I will take a bit of stick for this. My Uncle Nigel plays off 5 and is great around the Links course. However, with her handicap, I am going to have to say my Mum is the best. We got out to play at Portstewart last week and she took the money off me! Bandit!

If you and your family could only use one golf club for a round of golf, what club would it be and why?

I would say my driver as it would keep a healthy distance between my ball and theirs! On a serious note, I think I would say a sand wedge as I have some of the best memories with my Grandma and Grandpa, chipping in the back garden. They were both instrumental in all of us starting golf and if they hadn’t we definitely wouldn’t all be playing!

What is one golf club on your family’s bucket list to play at that you have not played yet?

I would have to say Augusta. The Holy Grail of golf!