“Green” Greens?

While golf course development has significantly slowed down in the U.S., it is picking up speed internationally. The games ability to sell real estate and bolster tourism makes it a welcomed newcomer by investors worldwide. Not to be left behind in golf’s great expansion is an ever lingering question, stretching a common debate across the globe – Is it truly possible for a golf course to exist in concert with the environment?

Consumers are finding themselves bombarded by countless “Green” campaigns claiming to save the environment one LED light bulb at a time. Claims that golf courses have the potential to preserve the environment could easily become lost in that same noise and be disregarded.

With so many claims of protecting the environment, it is easy for consumers to become confused or jaded by commitments that lack any substantial results. This is what led Troon Golf to implement a company-wide program called the “Troon Golf Environmental Management Initiative (EMI)” – the first of its kind in the golf industry. The initiative promises to create measurable and sustainable environmental solutions for golf courses.

Do you believe it is possible for golf courses to exist in concert with the environment?

And do you view most claims of becoming “Green” and “Eco-Friendly” simply as marketing stunts, or are they genuine attempts at environmental stewardship?