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JC Wright at a Troon Event🌟 Meet JC Wright, a man whose golf and career journey has been influenced by his heritage, a mentorship, and a deep love for the game of golf. 🌟

👮‍♂️ Dreams of Justice: When JC was a young boy, he shared the same aspirations as many kids – to become a police officer. Growing up in a family with a rich law enforcement heritage dating back to the early 1900s, including his grandfather Chief Hollow Horn Bear, who served as a Police Chief, the path seemed set. Little did he know, his journey would eventually lead him to a different kind of field.

🏞️ Heritage and Culture: JC’s heritage runs deep – a fourth-generation grandson of Chief Hollow Horn Bear. This connection to his cultural roots is a source of pride and inspiration, shaping his unique perspective on life and career.

A Chance Encounter with Golf: The winds of fate shifted when a family friend purchased a golf course in JC’s hometown. Suddenly, golf became more than just a sport – it became a passion. He embarked on a journey that would forever change his trajectory.

🎓 The Mentorship that Steered the Course: JC’s career path was illuminated by a chance encounter with a guest at the casino where he worked. This gentleman shared his son’s pursuit of a degree in golf course management, igniting JC’s curiosity. His journey took him to the Golf Academy of Arizona, where he met Garrett Wallace, a pivotal figure in his golf career. Their bond continues to this day, as they exchange ideas and support one another.

📈 From Grassroots to Glory: JC’s remarkable journey with Troon Golf began in 2000, opening Whirlwind Golf Club. He then played a significant role in the opening of WeKoPa Golf Club. JC’s career progression was a tapestry of roles, from Outside Services to Golf Professional, to becoming the General Manager at Poston Butte Golf Club where he is today. His dedication and passion for the game have guided his every step.

🌱 Inspiring Diversity: JC’s commitment to inclusivity is unparalleled. He mentored tribal members on pursuing golf careers during the Golf Academy of Arizona’s existence. As a Golf Professional, he organized junior golf schools/clinics, nurturing growth in tribal communities. His role as an N7 Ambassador with NIKE further solidifies his dedication to fostering golf’s growth among inner city youth and tribal communities.

🤝 A Dream Foursome of Legacy: JC’s dream foursome is one that transcends the realm of golf. It’s a sentimental gathering of his three grandfathers, figures who played crucial roles in shaping his life. While none of them may have played golf, their presence in the imaginary foursome speaks volumes about the values JC holds dear.

⛅️ The Lessons Golf Teaches: For JC, golf isn’t just a game – it’s a teacher of life’s valuable lessons. With a smile, he reflects on how his career has brought him to where he stands today, grateful for the journey, the lessons, and the legacy he’s creating.

🌐 JC Wright’s story is a testament to the power of heritage, mentorship, and the love for a game that transcends boundaries. It’s a reminder that our dreams may evolve, but the essence of our journey remains true to who we are. Let his journey inspire you to embrace your roots, seek mentors, and chase your passions with unrelenting determination. 🌐

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