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Jocelyn Guzman

Director, Data & Analytics. Troon Corporate Office, Scottsdale Arizona

Q.  Are you a golfer and if so, when did you start playing? If not, have you ever enjoyed an ‘off course’ experience like a Top Golf, etc.

A. I started casually playing golf the summer before college when I worked as a beverage cart attendant at Gold Mountain Golf Complex in Bremerton, Washington. I was a tennis player in school but my husband (boyfriend at the time) was a big golfer and made the transition to the sport easy.

Q. What is your title and how you best describe your position or to day to day job at Troon?

A. I’m the Director of Data & Analytics for Troon. I always wanted a career in which I could put my degree of Computer Science and Mathematics in use while still getting to be creative. One of the biggest reasons I enjoy my job is because my day-to-day consists of a combination of both of those. There are days I can spend the morning cleansing data, writing code, and doing analysis and in the afternoon be creating dashboards and visualizations. I’m also lucky enough to be able to work with a range of different people across the organization within corporate and at our facilities.

Q. Have you always loved working numbers and computers (any child hood stories?)

A. Yes, I’ve always gravitated towards numbers and logic. I enjoyed puzzles as a kid and thought of solving math problems the same way because there was always an objective answer at the end.

Q. Is there anything you do to help mentor or motivate other women or young girls to get into the Tech world?

A. I still keep in touch with quite a few of the women I graduated college with and those that I used to tutor as well. We often discuss our experiences within the various industries we entered after school and always recommend opportunities to each other that come up or may help others. As part of my time with the DE&I council at Troon I’m also interested in working more with the AJGA or other youth programs to help shed light on the not so traditional tech and analytics opportunities available in our industry.

Q. Is there a mentor or someone you would credit for helping lead you down the IT path growing up?

A. Every educational institution I’ve gone through from elementary school to college to online courses and certifications I always had a standout teacher whose excitement for what they do really drove me to a path in tech and analytics. A handful of the teachers that come to mind weren’t even ones that were necessarily in my related field of interest but seeing their dedication and excitement to their subject made me want to be as passionate about my chosen career path.

Q. What would you tell prospective college students (of diverse backgrounds or women) about getting into this field and maybe how working for a large company like Troon can allow you opportunities they may have not thought about (not needing to be a golfer to work for a golf company).

A. I grew up in a school where there were only a handful of us with a diverse background and then in college was one of about 6 other women and my biggest piece of advice would be to not be afraid to use your differences to your advantage. Only you have a perspective that no one else in the world does and not sharing with others is a disservice to yourself and your peers.

Q. Any fun fact that not many people know about you that you don’t mind sharing 😊

A. Despite being so passionate about math and analytics, don’t expect me to know how much to tip at dinner or to calculate the tax. For some reason I’ve always struggled with doing it on the spot in my head! I like to chalk it up to the fact that as the math classes got more complicated we had to make room for complex algorithms, proofs, and equations… thus we used our calculators more for the simple stuff!

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