Kapalua Associates And Community Affected By Hurricane Lane And Devastating Brush Fires

Kapalua Bay Course

In the wake of Hurricane Lane and last weekend’s West Maui brush fires that burned more than 2,000 acres, and damaged or destroyed residential structures and vehicles, Kapalua Golf & Tennis is supporting associates and the West Maui community through financial aid and fundraising efforts. Full-time and part-time Kapalua Golf & Tennis associates affected by the hurricane and brush fires will receive additional money in their next paychecks, while Kapalua Golf will donate a portion of golf green fees from both the Bay and Plantation golf courses throughout the month of September to West Maui relief efforts.

On the evening of Friday, August 24th, approximately 20 Kapalua Golf & Tennis associates were among the hundreds of area residents forced to evacuate their homes as flames fueled by winds from then approaching Hurricane Lane moved closer to neighborhoods. More than 20 residential structures and 27 vehicles were destroyed by the brush fires, while neighborhoods in the area lost power for days causing many residents to lose refrigerated and frozen perishable food items.

“Kapalua Golf & Tennis ownership and Troon Golf are a large part of the West Maui community. In difficult times such as these, it’s important to support our associates and this wonderful community,” said Alex Nakajima, General Manager, Kapalua Golf & Tennis. “We realize financial aid to our associates or cash donations to relief efforts cannot lessen the horrible ordeal that so many experienced, but hopefully it will make life a little bit easier over the next several weeks.”

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