Las Colinas Golf & Country Club commits to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club supports the goals proposed by the United Nations, needed to build a better world from a social, environmental, and economic point of view, by developing a sustainability strategy with specific actions aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Water is a scarce, essential resource for life and is central to sustainable development. For this reason, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club reduces the consumption of drinking water by using recycled water for irrigation for the golf course and common green areas. The wastewater generated by homes and offices is treated at our own purification system, obtaining regenerated water of sufficient quality that it can be reused to water the green areas. In addition, efficient irrigation of the golf course areas is achieved using smart bases for centralised control and automatic measuring devices to check the pH of the water and optimize consumption.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is located in high-quality natural surroundings including special protection areas for the conversation of wild birds in the Sierra de Escalona and Dehesa de Campoamor. A large variety of fauna lives in this habitat, ranging from birds with striking plumage like the hoopoe or bee-eater, to protected birds of prey like Bonelli’s eagle or the Eurasian eagle owl. As part of its efforts to conserve biodiversity, the resort avails itself of the services of an environmental consultant on an ongoing basis.

The nature trails among native vegetation extend over a nature conservation area of 200,000 m². All the plant species in the golf area are gradually being replaced by native varieties, requiring the appropriate levels of maintenance and water. Moreover, to reduce the volume of organic waste generated, pruning waste is reused for mulching in the green areas at the resort.

As regards energy use, as proof of its commitment to combating climate change and reducing its carbon footprint, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has bet on renewable energy sources, so that all electrical energy contracted holds a 100% Guaranteed Renewable Source Certificate. In addition, measures are being implemented to reduce energy use associated with lighting, this includes converting to LED lights or installing automatic control systems. Moreover, part of the electricity supply for the maintenance facilities and water pumping system is harnessed through solar panels. The buggies fleet at the golf course is 100% electrical, which avoids greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from the use of fossil fuels and enhances environmental and human health.


Aligned with these measures, all cleaning products used at our facilities carry an ecological label, guaranteeing the use of more environmentally friendly alternatives. Plus, to avoid single-use plastics, our restaurants use biodegradable food packaging for takeaways while the plastic water bottles on the golf course have been replaced by recyclable cartons. The tees used on the golf course are also biodegradable, which means no pollutants are released during play.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is intrinsically linked to sport and nature and these aspects are even more important today thanks to all the benefits they deliver to the health and wellbeing of people.

Working to promote inclusion, via the Gmp Foundation (run by the real estate group that owns Las Colinas), we support non-profit institutions that seek to improve the quality of life of persons with intellectual disability and/or acquired brain damage.  The local cultural heritage is also a focus of our attention at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club by promoting tourism in the region, providing information about activities in the area.