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Lee Otaguro

Human Resource Director, Troon Corporate, Scottsdale, AZ

Q: When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

A: Dolphin Trainer. Living in Hawaii, I loved to surf and would often see dolphins in the water.  I also loved to go to Sea Life Park (mini Sea World in HI) and watch the dolphin show.  I just remember telling my mom that I wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was watching the dolphin show.

Q: Who did you look up to either when you were younger or as you progressed in your career? 

A: Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player, ever.  I loved watching him play.  Game 6: 1998 NBA Finals.  Utah.  End of Story.

Q: How long have you worked for Troon and what has been your career progression? 

A: A little of a year, now. I was previously with Starwood Hotels & Resorts and based in Hawaii for 16 years.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your new role at Troon?

A: I work with a great team, at Troon.  Everyone has been very supportive.

Q: What do you do in your daily job or life to inspire other minorities to get them interested in the game of golf or into the golf business as a career? 

A: When I lived in Hawaii, I would always get my friends and colleagues out on the golf course… and most of my friends were minorities (of very different ethnic backgrounds).

Q: What is your dream foursome for golf?

A: Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac and Jo Koy – funnest round ever!

Q: What is one interesting fact not many people know about you?

A: I lived in Germany for 9 years as a kid (Darmstadt and Heidelberg).  When we lived there, my dad would take me golfing with him for 9 holes after he was done with work.  I only had a 7-iron that he cut down and re-gripped for me.

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