Lookout Mountain Golf Club: How Many Steps?

I’ve been walking a lot of golf courses lately, and realized I hadn’t walked Lookout Mountain Golf Club yet. It is one of my favorite layouts, but I just hadn’t thought about playing it lately. I called up JC Wright and Michael Hopper and asked if they wanted to join me for a round of golf. JC decided to walk with me. Michael… Well, he took a cart. But I won’t hold that against him!

I booked a tee time for Sunday. Lookout Mountain isn’t a long course, but it has a lot of elevation change. The walk really wasn’t that bad, but how many steps was it? Here is what I found:

Front 9
Steps: 7,925
Miles: 3.52

Back 9
Steps: 8,490
Miles: 3.82

Steps: 16,415
Miles: 7.34

There you have it. I encourage you to walk the next time you play, and if you have a way of tracking your steps and miles, do it. I would love to know how far it was. Oh, and I burned 1,600 calories that day. Doesn’t get much more TroonFIT than that!