Management Myths

Troon understands that there are many questions and concerns associated with third party management. Many times these concerns swirl around inaccuracies as to what operating as a Troon facility means. We have outlined the most frequently addressed concerns below and welcome an opportunity to answer any other questions you may have regarding our services.
1. Domination Myth - "Troon is going to come in and run things the way they want to..."

TRUTH - As stated before, We ARE NOT an owner or a lessee - we are agents of the Owner, Membership, or Board of Directors. We are similar to a stand-alone GM only on a larger platform with greater resources. We find ways to do what your facility wants to do more effectively and efficiently.

2. Brand Myth - "Troon is going to put their brand everywhere and we are going to lose our Club's identity." 

TRUTH - Your facility can choose to use our brand as much or as little as they wish - we just believe that it's nice to have a choice.

3. Employee Myth - "Troon is going to come in and fire all the staff."

TRUTH - Should the property's employees be on our employment platform, our intention is not to fire anyone - we want leaders at every level of the organization, and those who are excited about quality, professionalism, career opportunities, and accountability will do very well. Performers love to be held accountable!

4. Cost Myth - "Troon is too expensive."

TRUTH - The fact of the matter is we are net positive in nearly all our management contracts when you consider cost saving in benefits, insurance, procurement, operational efficiencies, and associate retention before revenues are even considered. Troon's ability to consistently grow over the last 20+ years is a testament to being able to deliver financial results to our clients and show value for our fees.

5. Too Big Myth - "Troon is so big, we are going to get lost in the system and not get personalized attention."

TRUTH - The idea that a smaller company with fewer resources gives better and more individualized attention is contradictory. The simple fact is our scale is such that we can devote more diversified resources - not less- even as we add additional properties.

6. Failure Myth - "We have failed in some way because we are considering outside management."

TRUTH - Organizations have relied on outside expertise for decades to manage areas of their business in which they do not have a core competency. The most progressive and successful Clubs in the country have realized this and have sought objective, third party management services. There is no shame in being open to innovation.

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