Meet Anne Timmers, Lady Captain at Royal Golf Club, Bahrain

Anne Timmers on the golf course at Royal Golf Club Bahrain

In honour of Troon Women’s Golf Month, we spoke to long-time member and current Lady Captain at Royal Golf Club in Bahrain, Anne Timmers about how she got into golf, what it means to her to be Lady Captain of the club and what she does in her role as Lady Captain to encourage other women to play and learn golf.

How long have you been a member?

I have been a member since 1999. Then left Bahrain for 7 years and returned in 2008.

How long have you lived in Bahrain?

In total, I have lived in Bahrain for almost 18 years.

How did you get in to golf?

I got into golf after my husband picked up the sport in the early nineties and was away every weekend. Felt like the so-called golf widow.

What does it mean to you to be Lady Captain?

I am honoured to represent the ladies of the Royal Golf Club as Lady Captain and consider myself lucky to be able to collaborate and play with such diverse and lovely people! Having enjoyed being a member for many years, I thought it was high time I peeled back the curtain and contributed to the club in a different way. Being Lady Captain has provided me with insight that not only made me appreciate the club more, but also made the game of golf more meaningful.

In your role as Lady Captain, how do you encourage other women to play and learn golf?

As a representative for the female members, I think it’s important to make sure that everyone who steps foot on the course feels welcome so I always try to introduce myself to new faces on the driving range and ask them if they’re new to Bahrain; if they’re thinking of becoming a member; if they’re interested in lessons; if they would ever like to play in competition etc. Outside of the club, I often encourage women in my social circles to take a lesson or to join in with a competition. I also love meeting new people who are interested in the sport because it feels like an opportunity to get them involved, something I’ve really enjoyed during my captaincy!

What is your dream foursome for golf (you and three others)?

Along with the Royal Golf Club PGA Professionals, Darrow and Rory, I would love to play with Rory McIlroy, as I think has the most amazing swing I have ever seen.