Meet Emma & Jade; Golf Content Creators in Dubai

As part of Troon Women’s Golf Month we caught up with Dubai-based golf content creators, Emma & Jade from Tee_off_at_10 who have been documenting their journey into golf via Instagram since 2020. Their candid approach means you will see the highs and lows of their time on the golf course and some golf fashion! We asked them how they got into golf, about growing the game amongst women, what they hope the future of women’s golf looks like and who they’d love to play a round of golf with.

Tell us your backstory? 

We were both born in the Middle East and have grown up in Dubai. We’ve actually known each other since our early school days in 2001 and coincidentally both chose to study the same course at the same university in Manchester, UK, and have been firm friends since then.

In 2012 we moved back to Dubai and both pursued careers in the Creative Industry; now we’re both freelance graphic designers.

How did you each get into golf?

Our Dads both tried to get us into golf when we were kids but we weren’t interested! It was only at the age of 30 when Jade moved in to a villa overlooking the Montgomerie driving range that she found herself watching the golfers daily, and thought she’d like to try it out for herself. Jade approached Emma with the idea of taking some beginner golf lessons.
It seemed like fate as Emma’s Dad had just gifted her some secondhand ladies’ clubs, out of the blue, a few weeks earlier.

After a semester of ladies’ group lessons, we were hooked and since then we’ve continued semi-private lessons with Scott Graham at The Academy by Troon at Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai.



Why did you start Tee Off At 10?

After taking golf lessons on and off for a year or so, we wanted to document our progression and connect with other golfers like ourselves. We started the Instagram page as a diary of our ‘golf journey’ in Dubai, chronicling our improvements and setbacks whilst showcasing our love of golf fashion.

Your Instagram shows a real mixture of what golf can be; moments on the golf course, the putting green, the short course, the good golf days, and the bad, the fashion. What do you hope people will take away from your content?

Our aim has always been to show a fresh take on a classic sport; turning traditional perceptions of golf on their head. We want to express to people, especially women, that golf can be accessible to whoever you are at whatever age you are.

How would you like to see golf courses growing participation amongst women?

We would love to see more events and clinics geared towards female golfers, as well as mixed golf days and competitions. And a larger presence of female coaches to help encourage female beginners.



You post from Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai, Arabian Ranches Golf Club and Els Club Dubai a lot; what do you love about these Troon golf courses?

As developing golfers, we have found the Troon courses to be inclusive and encouraging. The focus on female-centric initiatives, e.g. Tuesday Ladies Day at Els, have really helped women golfers like us get into the game.

What’s your favourite golf course that you have played, anywhere in the world, and why?

As locals, we would have to say Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai has a special place in our hearts as it’s where our golfing journey began. We have spent hours of lesson time practicing on the course, so to be able to play the full 18 there for the first time was pretty memorable!

Summarise your feelings on golf in 3 words.

Practice makes progress.

What is your dream foursome for golf (you and 2 others)?

Nelly Korda – we love her attitude and her style.
Tiger Woods – not only is he the GOAT but he was a trailblazer for changing the game.

What’s your hope for the future of women’s golf?

That it becomes more accessible and affordable, and as a result more diverse. The landscape of international golf is always progressing, but it would be great to see more global competitions for women and more recognition and prize money for the top female golfers.

We would also love to see more top-quality, creative, female-focused golf fashion brands to match the growing buzz around women’s golf.