Meet The Family: The Serrano Family from Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai

The Serrano Family at Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai

Meet the Serrano Family; Dad Mark, Mum Vida, Miguel, Matteo and Maryam. Dad Mark was introduced to golf in 2007 by an old friend on the Par 3 course at Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai and for the past five years, the whole family has been part of the Troon Golf Academy at the facility. Here he talks about their journey in golf, why the Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai is special for their family, and his favourite family memory on the golf course.

How did you get into golf?

I was introduced to golf by a friend from Scotland, a St. Andrews University alumnus. We went for a round at the par 3 at The Montgomerie back in 2007 and I was immediately hooked into the game. I find the game both relaxing and challenging, a good way to disconnect from work, enjoy the scenery and be in the moment, while exercising patience, persistence and physical efforts to have a good round.

How did you introduce your family to golf?

Anyone who’s into golf always thinks they may have the next golf phenom in the family. So when my first born Miguel turned 4 back in 2014, I immediately got him into the game and he started his journey with The Academy at Montgomerie. He has progressed very well and is now part of the Troon Elite Squad while competing across golf tournaments in the UAE. It was the same for my other children, Mateo and Maryam who both started golf with Kindergarten and Emerald lessons in The Academy. My wife, Vida, has always been around the game, playing caddy for the kids during their tournaments and she has most recently taken up her first lesson.

Tell us about your local Troon club and why you like it visiting there as a family?

We enjoy going to The Montgomerie as a family. The club has a very friendly atmosphere, with excellent coaches and staff, and has managed to keep golf fun while being focused on improving our golf. We truly feel that we are part of the Montgomerie family whenever we come in.

Have you taken any lessons together as a family?

This Troon Family month proved to be the perfect time for us to have our first lesson as a family. We all take our lessons individually and never had the opportunity to learn and play together. We’d love to do it more often.

What encourages you as a family to play golf?

Golf is a great way for the family to bond and do things together. It’s a lifelong activity that will always get us all engaged and looking forward to the next opportunity to play together, wherever we may be in the future.

Have you participated in any family clinics or events at your local Troon club… tell us about your experiences.

We just did our first family lesson at The Montgomerie. We also played in parent/child par 3 tournaments before. All were very much enjoyed by the whole family and it was a great time out for all of us.

What’s your favourite family memory on the golf course?

Memories related to the kids’ play during tournaments: Miguel’s birdie to win the deciding, extra hole during a knock-out match; Mateo being called for a medal during the recent US Kids Golf UAE Tour

What is one golf club on your family’s bucket list to play at that you have not played yet?

Miguel has a toss up between The Old Course at St. Andrews and Augusta National. Wherever we get to first!