The Golf Life: Men in Green

The Golf Life: Men in Green

Posted on June 24, 2015

Most golf fans already know names like Nicklaus, Palmer, Watson, Crenshaw, Strange, and Venturi. But how about Oxman, "Golf Ball" Hull, Erskine, and Danley? In Men in Green, ($27, Simon & Schuster), Michael Bamberger deftly introduces readers to nine "secret" legends along with nine high-profile legends of the game. He tours the country with former PGA TOUR pro Mike Donald, uncovering funny, moving, and often surprising story lies involving some of the game's buggiest names. A senior writer for Sports Illustrated since 1995, Bamberger provides new observations about people you think you already know and also sheds light on others whose lives were equally interesting, if less documents. It's a road trip worth taking.

"To be cherished . . . Will entertain and enthrall . . . A nostalgic visit and reminiscence with those who fashioned golf history." Golf Digest

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