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Miriam Finerty

Manager of Marketing & Social Media, Troon International

Lisa Cole and Miriam Finerty

Q: When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up and please explain if there was a story around that.

A: I have never had a clear cut path nor was I ever set on one particular career or industry. As a young kid I think I went through all the normal professions; teacher, nurse etc.

Q: What is one or two interesting facts about your heritage or culture that you would like to share with us?

A: This is an interesting question for me; I grew up in a very regular family in London, UK but upon meeting my now husband many years ago I have been adopted into a different culture. He is from Cyprus and we lived on that island for many years where I was immersed into the Greek/Cypriot culture. Living in countries like the Cyprus, UAE and Japan has given a really diverse set of cultural understandings. I still have some of my British traditions around holidays like Christmas, things my mum did with us as kids for example I am now doing with my own son, but I have had the privilege to travel and experience other cultures in a day-to-day setting so I often look to those cultures over my “own”.

Q: Who got you into the business or game of golf and what was your first experience at a golf course/range?

A: During my time in Dubai, I started in a marketing executive role at a similar leisure facility, Dubai Marina Yatch Club, part of Emaar Hospitality Group; that role also covered another asset of theirs, Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai. So I got into golf by unintentionally but I quickly found it to be an interesting space and saw a lot of opportunity to grow within it. I was obviously also curious about a sport which I had never been exposed to. I tried to throw myself into learning about the world of golf; I would listen to the agronomy team when they gave their updates about the golf course, I spent a lot of time visiting the driving range and the excellent academy team we had there to learn about golf from all perspectives. My first experience on the range was with one of the teaching professionals at the club then; we went through some basics and then had a go at hitting some balls. It was quite exciting when I actually hit one!

And of course I learnt a lot from the Troon International team who later would become my immediate colleagues when I joined Troon.

Q: Was there a mentor that helped guide you along your current career path and was there a piece of advice that helped you along your way?

A: I have always had strong women leaders in the teams I have worked in, who have shown me there is always a place for women, especially in a typically male dominated industry. My signature strengths include responsibility, empathy and consistency and working alongside a variety of female role models over the years has shown me how to really utilise my USP’s shall we say, within my roles. Working alongside women in the Troon International division like Lisa Cole and Debbi Falardeau who are not only experts in their respective areas but also supportive, passionate has certainly inspired me. For me it’s the exposure to so many different female role models across all levels of the business that has been invaluable.

Q: How long have you worked for Troon and what has been your career progression; what do you love most about your job?

A: I am now in my 5th year at Troon and it has been an incredible journey. In the international division we have some seriously experienced individuals who have been with Troon for many many years and are pure experts in their respective fields; going to work every day with people like that, in a close-knit team is a special working environment and really motivates me; I feel supported, empowered and inspired on a daily basis.

Q: What do you do in your daily job or life to inspire minorities to get them interested in the game of golf or into the golf business as a career? 

A: I guess being focused on marketing and communications, I use that space to shout about everything Troon and our facilities do to uplift women within the industry. Whether that’s sharing stories about our female associates from around the world who are little in every part of the business or talking about the #growthegame programs our facilities operate, I hope I help spread the word a little bit. I also don’t shy away from the fact that I am not a golfer; I used to be embarrassed about it but I want other women to know you don’t have to play golf just to work in it; often times it’s the non-golfers at the table that bring a new dimension the discussion.

Q: What is your dream foursome for golf (you and three others) or for lunch (if you don’t golf)?

A: Our #TeamTroon ladies, Cheynne Woods and Yealimi Noh and Lisa Cole (pictured above). I think I could learn a thing or two from them (as a non-golfer)

Photo Above: Lisa Cole (left) and Miriam Finerty (right).

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