Moments To Help – Helping Families Pay Bills

In our Moments to Help series, we continue to share random acts of kindness throughout the World of Troon

When Whirlwind Golf Club General Manager Louie Unga and his wife Brittany began hearing about the countless families struggling to pay bills and buy groceries during the pandemic, they knew they needed to take action. Parents of four young children themselves, Louie and Brittany decided to take the funds they had saved and set aside for their recently-cancelled family vacation and help families in need.

Louie posted a message on social media (seen below) asking anyone struggling to pay bills to private message him.  “I didn’t expect to get many responses, but we ended up getting about 70 messages in all, which shows the depth of need out there right now,” said Unga. “Since we have four kids, we decided to choose families with children – all were strangers to us. We ended up helping three families with their internet bills, money for groceries and gas.”