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Private Club Member Q & A with Team Troon



Golf Challenges from Breaking Par

The Bomb the Boulder Challenge at Troon North

Fun at the WM Open with Cheyenne Woods

Facebook LIVE Golf Lessons

From March through May, some of the best golf coaches in the world hosted LIVE golf clinics from the Troon Facebook page! Check them out and improve your game!

Watch previous LIVE Clinics

Did you see that?!?

Equipment x Fitting Corner

The Art of Putting – Click to View Stories

The Grip

Shapes of Putters

Toe Flow

The Neck



Callaway Wedgeducation with Roger Cleveland – Click to View Stories

Improving Bunker Play

How to Hit the Flop Shot

The Pitch Shot



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Troon Magazine, June 2020 edition - Florida-Southeast Stunner: Hammock Beach Golf Resort and Spa combines gorgeous golf and a relaxed beachfront vibe. Plus equipment, future think and stars of tomorrow.
June/July 2020 Issue Cover Story: Desert Delight - At Rio Verde Country Club, a lifestyle designed to satisfy. Profile: Equipment - Golf course social distancing in comfort with Phat Scooters. Live: Future Think - Troon courses across the world take action toward environmental sustainability.

Messages from Team Troon

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Cheyenne Woods
Matthew Fitzpatrick
Justin Thomas
Alex Noren

Live Clinics with Members of Team Troon

Team Troon Tuesday – Cheyenne Woods

We are LIVE with today's Troon Golf Clinic! For our first #TeamTroon Tuesday, we have Cheyenne Woods joining us hosting a clinic on practice habits! Thanks for joining us and come with questions for Cheyenne as well! Go Team Troon!

Posted by Troon on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

We are LIVE with today’s Troon Golf Clinic! It’s #TeamTroon Tuesday which means today we are joined by Matt Fitzpatrick. Today Matt will be focusing on Indoor Putting! Join us and come with questions! Go #TeamTroon!

Posted by Troon on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Live Golf Clinic with Alex Noren

We're LIVE with our #TeamTroon Tuesday Golf Clinic! Hosted today by Alex Noren giving us some great golf swing tips! Tune in and come with questions!

Posted by Troon on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lesson Vault

Taught by Tim Mahoney - Director of Education for Troon


Basic Chip


Arm Swing

Four Steps for Good Putting

Distance from Ball

Golf Lessons from the BallenIsles Golf Academy

Scott Dietrich, BallenIsles - Putting Tempo

Kimberly Healey, BallenIsles - Swing Plane Practice While at Home

Golf Tips with Golf Instructor and NorthRiver Yacht Club Member, Cammie Bentley

Golf Tips with Cammie

Driver Ball Position Lesson with Cammie

Putting Drills with Cammie

Golf Tuition with Federico

Head Pro at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club