More Than A Flag

This fall, Troon facilities are joining the effort to fight cancer!

Organized through Troon Drives H.O.P.E., which empowers Troon’s facilities and associates to make a positive impact on their communities, the effort is designed to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of prostate and breast cancer.

During the entire month of September, Troon daily-fee and private facilities are flying blue checkered pin flags on every 18th green to remind golfers about the importance of detecting prostate cancer early. Likewise in October, pink checkered flags will be used to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention screening exams.

The American Cancer Society claims that cancers found because they are causing symptoms are often larger and more likely to spread. Early detection exams can catch cancer before symptoms start, and are believed to save thousands of lives each year. Doctors believe that even more lives could be saved if more people took advantage of these exams.

So keep your eye out for those blue and pink pin flags and be sure to do your part in fighting prostate and breast cancer.