Nicole Chausse – NGM

Nicole Chausse
Administrative Assistant at the ICON (a division of Troon)
Fort Myers, Florida

Administrative Assistant for ICON - A Troon Division in Fort Myers Florida Nicole Chausse.My father was in the Navy and worked in the kitchen serving his crew at 18 years old. He later worked for Traders Joe’s for years and followed in his father’s footsteps as a grocery store manager. He would tell me that customer service is so important and always have a smile on your face.

My dad was an avid golfer, and I would watch golf on TV with him every Saturday and Sunday and we would often play on the weekends too.  Unfortunately, I am not the best golfer but love watching and playing the game.  He was a patient dad, trying to teach me how to golf. His advice to me was always keep your head down and focus on the formation of the swing. That was difficult because I wanted to know where the ball was going. He would tell me: I will watch it!

We would watch the legends like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. To this day, my daughter will order an Arnold Palmer Iced Tea, as she remembers us talking about those legends. My dad spent a few summers teaching the grandkids the game as well.

He moved out to Phoenix before he passed away. He played golf every weekend and could not be happier.  I think he would be proud that I am working for a great company in the industry.

In July of 2020 I began working at Pelican Preserve in Florida. I enjoyed the members and loved hearing their stories of golf, tennis and pickleball. I moved over to Troon’s Fort Myers office for a new opportunity in December 2022.

My brother is also in the industry and works at a golf course – after work he will play golf, which was his happy hour. Golf is a family sport that I have passed on to my children and I am thankful that my dad introduced me to the game – he was an amazing man and I have a lot of great memories!

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