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Nurul Farahin Samsari

Marketing Executive

Nurul Farahin Samsari

Marketing Executive, The Els Club Desaru Coast, Johor, Malaysia

Nurul Farahin Samsari - Marketing Execuiteve, Els Club Desaru Coast, Johor, MalaysiaI was born and raised in Puchong, Selangor and was completely new to the golf industry when I joined The Els Club Desaru Coast, where I recently completed my 6th year at the club. I still remember, back in 2012 when I was still studying at The Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, I expressed my interest to play golf to my favourite lecturer, however with no background in golf along with financial constraint, playing golf was just another dream.

So when I had the opportunity to join The Els Club Desaru Coast in 2016 it was a very exciting moment for me. Being with the experienced team here, together with continuous guidance from the General Manager, Harris Abdullah and the Director of Membership, PR & Communications, Loh Chyi Jen I have learnt a lot about the golf industry and enjoy marketing such a unique destination that we have here.

To accomplish this so far is unbelievable to me. I’m especially thankful for the bold and tireless leaders ahead of me who paved the way and lead by example; to be working at Malaysia’s Best Golf Course really is a dream come true to me.

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