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OB Sports Golf Management is a Legacy Brand in the Troon family of Brands. Courses/Facilities are now within the current Troon family of brands with executives/leaders operating regional clubs based in the Troon Corporate office in Scottsdale, AZ. For more information on management services and brand opportunities, utilize the contact form below:

Featured Article: Press Release

Posted on March 31, 2019


Scottsdale, Ariz. (April 1, 2019) – Troon®, the leader in club management, development, and marketing, is pleased to announce it has acquired Scottsdale-based OB Sports Golf Management. OB Sports currently manages more than 70 golf courses and  ...

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Every one of the properties OB Sports have had the privilege of managing is supported by a dedicated corporate resource for each department of the golf operation we are engaged to support, including:  Operations, HR, Accounting, Marketing/Sales, Retail, F&B, Agronomy.

For close to 50 years, OB Sports prided themselves on being proactive and hands-on, as well as always available as needed – another proven formula we deploy to generate optimal results for our managed properties.  The result of their proven success and support of their employees  gave the huge advantage of remarkable tenure.  Many of General Managers have been at the club they managed for 10+ years.  Other key operators are identified as “change agents” who are passionate, willing and able to relocate to new properties once the club from which they depart has a solid revenue performance and operations team and is poised to continue this success.

Over the Years

OB Sports Golf Management grew into a highly knowledgeable team of business people who truly understood the golf market.

  • How to find the best locations.
  • How to make a facility unique.
  • How to make each aspect of the facility profitable.
  • How to build a strong team that could achieve greatness at a golf facility.
  • OB Sports managed over 70 properties in the United States and Internationally from the Bahamas to Scotland.

About the founders


Chairman / Founder

Under Orrin’s direction OB Sports has grew into one of the most innovative and comprehensive teams. He has impacted all areas of the golf industry including playing the PGA Tour, managing clubs, and designing, constructing and operating new courses. Recognitions include PGA Professional of the Year, PGA Merchandiser of the Year, Bill Stausbaugh Award, Presidents Plaque, SNPGA Player of the Year, US Junior World Cup Team Captain and AJGA board.

Orrin Vincent passed away in October of 2021. The entire OB Sports and Troon family will forever be grateful for his tremendous contributions to our business, and more importantly, to the countless personal lives he so positively influenced.


Chief Operating Officer / Principal

Under his guidance, OB Sports became one of the most respected management companies in the industry and has been recognized for operational excellence with best practices adopted throughout the industry. Phil oversees corporate affairs, long term plans and growth objectives. He is an industry leader with over 35 years experience. Recognitions include SWS PGA Golf Professional of the Year and inductions in the SWSPGA and AZ Golf Hall of Fame.

Today, Phil Green is Troon’s Executive Vice President, Managed Properties West.


President / Principal

Under his leadership, OB Sports was consistently recognized as one of golf’s most creative, fastest growing and successful management firms. Overseeing corporate communications, programs and long-term goals with a focus on client relations, industry networking and company growth. C.A. serves on the AJGA board of directors, an organization where he worked and helped establish as an industry leader prior to joining OB Sports in 1996.

Today, C.A. Roberts directly supports Troon with various business development initiatives including corporate Mergers & Acquisitions. He also supports and stays in close contact with all of the OB Sports Legacy clients.




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A fun and vibrant workplace culture, talented and passionate associates, combined with more than 30 years of club industry experience, are just a few of the reasons Troon and our family of brands continue to excel.