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Discover The Excellence of Golf at PGA Ocean’s 4!

PGA Ocean’s 4 Golf Club

Country: Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic, Carretera San Pedro
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PGA Ocean's 4, the golf course of your dream!

PGA Ocean’s 4 is more than just a golf course; it’s a captivating fusion of breathtaking scenery and a challenging layout, delivering an unparalleled sporting experience. This extraordinary destination harmonizes natural splendor, refined sophistication, and sporting elegance in a way that is truly unmatched. Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply seeking an exceptional gameplay experience in a picture-perfect setting, PGA Ocean’s 4 caters to your every need.

With a commitment to delivering a remarkable experience, PGA Ocean’s 4 prides itself on providing top-notch services. Their clubhouse offers luxurious amenities where you can unwind and savor delectable cuisine following your round. Moreover, a team of seasoned professionals is on hand to offer personalized lessons, assisting you in enhancing your technique and taking your game to new heights.


PGA Ocean’s 4’s Golf Academy

In its commitment to teaching top-quality golf, Bahia Principe Golf has created Bahia Principe Golf Academies at its golf resorts in PGA Riviera Maya and PGA Ocean’s 4. Students can begin, hone their skills and achieve high-performance levels at Bahia Principe Golf Academies.

Enjoy playing with simple techniques:

  • Initial assessment: The instructor starts out by getting to know the student and setting goals.
  • 360º Vision: They observe all the aspects the student needs to improve from an overall perspective: technique, physical, mental, strategy, fitting of material, and healthy living habits.
  • Learn by playing: They use real-life playing situations right from the start.
  • Customized: They create a program for each student depending on their needs and level (beginner, amateur, professional).
  • Continuous monitoring: There’s constant feedback between the golf pro and the student.
Improve Your Game at
PGA Ocean's 4
View of PGA Oceans 4 green with water feature in the background

PGA Ocean's 4 Golf Club

Dominican Republic, Carretera San Pedro

PGA Oceans 4 Golf Club located on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, is a 27- hole facility. Owned by Grupo Piñero, a Spanish tourism group founded by Pablo Piñero in 1977 and headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. PGA Oceans 4 Golf Club opened for play in 2017 and was previously known as La Romana Golf Club. The club’s 18-hole, par-72 layout, a Jack Lund design, extends to 7,334 yards and presents golfers with four unique landscapes – tropical forest, lakes and waterfalls amid a parkland-style setting, desert with rocks and sand, and seaside as four holes run along the Caribbean Sea with coconut palms and white sand beaches. Named after the number of ocean-side holes, PGA Ocean’s 4 is available to guests staying at nearby resorts, including Bahia Principe Luxury Bouganville and Bahia Principe Grand La Romana. In addition to its 18-hole course, PGA Oceans 4 also offers a 9-hole, par-27 short course that is ideal for children, beginners or those looking to work on their short game.