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Champion Hills

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Country: United States
North Carolina, Hendersonville

Relocating to North Carolina?

Much has been written over the past few years about the growing disparity in property and income taxes between Northeastern and Midwestern (high tax) states, and Southeastern and Southwestern (low tax) states. Now more than ever, that discrepancy is under a microscope.

Unload Your
(Tax) Burden at Champion Hills
Champion Hills Club

With remote workers and satellite offices quickly becoming the norm, tens of thousands of Americans who were once bound to certain cities and states due to office jobs have been freed of their geographic obligation.

And if Google Search trends are any indication (hint: they are), they’re home shopping online using a variety of keywords and phrases related to tax savings.

But relying on property and income tax data simplifies the equation to the point that comparisons between states become ineffective, at best, and meaningless, at worst.

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