Patrick Cantlay Pre-Golf Practice and Warm-Up Routines

We recently caught up with Team Troon member and the seventh ranked golfer in the world, Patrick Cantlay on his pre-golf practice/warm-up routines. Winner of two PGA TOUR events, including the 2019 Memorial Tournament, Cantlay offers invaluable advice on the importance of stretching and proper warm-up. Check back soon as Cantlay will also provide insight into life on the PGA TOUR and his favorite travel destinations.

In advance of a tournament round, how early do you get to the facility?

I usually arrive to the course about 3 hours before my tee time to eat either breakfast or lunch, do some physio, a light warm up in the gym and then head to the range/putting green. I’m very systematic in my pre-round preparation during tournament weeks which I believe is something that helps you feel ready to go right when you get to the first tee.

Where do you start first? Putting, Chipping, Full Swing?

I typically begin my warmup with putting.

When putting, do you do any drills/warm up routines?

Starting off I’ll putt casually, trying to see the line and feel the speed of the greens each day. I like to do simple drills but have never been one to work on too much technically.

For full swing warm up…what clubs do you start with, how many balls per club?

It varies from day to day, but I like to start with my wedges and move up through my bag.

Go-to stretches: This varies all the time as well; I like to change my stretches with my trainer so that my body isn’t becoming accustomed to certain movements and remains active in all areas. I try and stay active in my warmup and not do many static stretches, 90-90 hip stretches are a good one.

Advise for amateurs, if they arrive just 30 minutes prior to their tee time: Do simple 5 to 10 minutes of warm up and stretching your upper and lower body; hit as many balls as possible trying to get the body loose; then try to hit 10-15 putts; then go play and enjoy!

Warm-up device/piece of equipment you can’t live without: I wouldn’t say there is something I can’t live without, but I have found it very helpful to use my trackman during both practice and warm up sessions.