“Troon Values Your Time” enhances the experience at Troon-managed facilities by encouraging golfers to play in a reasonable amount of time

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Troon,® the leader in golf course management, development and marketing is pleased to announce a new program implemented at Troon-managed facilities across the world to address the game of golf’s well-documented pace-of-play issue. The “ Troon Values Your Time
” program was officially launched this week on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive television show.

“With time being such a precious commodity today, slow play on the golf course remains one of the industry’s major impediments of growth,” said Ryan Walls, senior vice president, operations, sales & marketing. “This is why we are implementing standards at Troon-managed facilities that define pace-of-play expectations to ultimately remove a barrier that exists in the game and improve the experience of our guests and members.”

Troon Values Your Time communicates a pace-of-play standard to guests and members before the issue becomes a problem on the course. And since no two courses are the same, the approach is flexible enough for Troon-managed facilities to tailor their pace-of-play expectations, while still maintaining consistency in the program. With three essential elements, Troon Values Your Time goes beyond a simple message and puts a solution into practice.

These main elements include:

Time Par – Each Troon facility has calculated its own Time Par by evaluating the appropriate length of time a golfer should comfortably play and enjoy the course. Most importantly, the facility’s established Time Par is communicated to customers before they are on the course. For example, customers are reached with the message in advance when booking their tee time over the phone or online; in their tee-time confirmation email; with creative Troon Values Your Time logo displays in the golf shop, on staff uniforms, printed on scorecards and yardage books, and signage throughout the property.

Pacesetter Times – Troon facilities are implementing Pacesetter Times, which are designated morning tee times reserved for players committed to playing quickly in at least 20 minutes under the facility’s Time Par. This creates options for those looking to play in less time and also helps create a steady pace-of-play for tee times throughout the day.

Pacesetter Tips – In line with efforts from both the USGA and the Golf Channel, Troon has identified similar tips and guidelines to help golfers manage their own pace of play.

These tips include:

  1. Play Your Tees: Choose a set of tees with a rating of 142 minus your handicap index. Or just tee it forward.
  2. Play Ready Golf (tee to green): When a player is at their ball or on the tee box and is ready to play, they should play. Take no more than 45 seconds to hit your shot.
  3. Be Cart Smart: Drop off your partner and drive to your ball. When you leave the cart, take three clubs, not one. Park behind greens.
  4. Use Rules with Discretion: Take no more than three minutes to look for balls and take relief.
  5. Keep Moving: Proceed quickly to your ball and be ready when it’s your turn to hit.
  6. See It, Read It, Hole It: While others are putting, prepare for your putt. Go to the next tee.
  7. Be Accountable: Recognize that slow play isn’t just the fault of other players.

About Troon Golf

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Troon is the world’s largest golf management company also specializing in homeowner association management, private residence clubs, estate management and associated hospitality venues. The company oversees operations at Troon Golf® (daily-fee & resort) and Troon Privé (private) properties located in 29 states and 28 countries. Additionally, 48 Troon facilities enjoy a Top 100 ranking by national or international publications. Troon properties include The Grove, London, England; Classic Club, Palm Desert, Calif.; and Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, El Jadida, Morocco.